Sunday news round-up: August 18th-24th

An ongoing series that gathers some main headlines from the week, for people too busy to keep an eye on the news.

Russian authorities in Moscow forced to grant same-sex marriage: Moscow clerks found themselves trapped by the country’s own laws this month when Allison and Alina (who is trans) came to get married. Russia outlaws same-sex marriage but also outlaws recognizing a trans person’s change of gender, meaning that Alina is still a man in the eyes of the law, meaning that she can legally marry Allison. Oops.

Israeli-Hamas ceasefire collapses: The latest attempt to cease rocket fire on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has come to an end after Israel fires rockets into Gaza in what appears to be retaliation for three rockets entering Israeli airspace. Meanwhile Egypt tries to broker a long-term peace plan and the Palestinian Authority tries to hold control of Gaza from Hamas.

  • Related: Israelis vote to conduct biological warfare on Obama in online poll:  Israeli website Mako holds a poll on what should be given to Obama for his birthday. Majority of respondents vote to send the President “an envelope of Ebola”.
  • Related: Israel kills human rights activists: Israel and Egypt have been accused of blocking Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch investigations into war crimes, and of killing Palestinian human rights activists in missile strikes.

Photojournalist James Foley is beheaded by ISIS: The gory video shows a man speaking with a British accent beheading the U.S. photojournalist in response to American air strikes in Iraq. Militants allegedly tried to ransom the photojournalist but were not negotiated with.

Protests in Ferguson, Missouri continue ahead of the shooting of Michael Brown: Gov. Jay Nixon calls for calm ahead of the killing of unarmed African-American Michael Brown while President Obama approves a Department of Justice investigation into the shooting.

Richard Dawkins calls for the abortion of Down’s Syndrome babies: The scientist and author tells woman on Twitter that if you believe in maximising happiness and reducing suffering, when faced with a Down’s Syndrome fetus you should “abort it and try again”. He later apologized.



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