Sunday news round-up: September 1st-7th

An ongoing series that gathers some main headlines from the week, for people too busy to keep an eye on the news.

Parents of Ashya King face court in Spain: After removing their 5 year old from Southampton General Hospital in order to try proton therapy for his brain tumour, Ashya King’s parents have been arrested and their son kept from them. The British public have criticized the heavy-handed police response towards Ashya’s parents and the fact that doctors threatened to remove Ashya from his parents if they questioned the medical decisions they made. Police officials have refused to apologize. Ashya remains under hospital care with no family members.

The Islamic State beheads another American journalist: Stephen Sotloff, an American journalist kidnapped in Syria last year, has been beheaded by IS forces in a video that hit the web. Sotloff is the second person to be executed by the terrorist group and IS has threatened that British members will follow.

Controversial comedienne Joan Rivers dies: The controversial shock-comic, who recently called for the deaths of Palestinian children, has died aged 81. Rivers has faced criticism in the past from feminists, gay rights activists, fans of celebrities, and just about everybody else.

Barack Obama gives an interview with Chuck Todd: The US President discusses ISIL, Ebola, immigration reform and his tiredness on Meet The Press.



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