Sunday news round-up: September 15th-21st

An ongoing series that gathers some main headlines from the week, for people too busy to keep an eye on the news.

Top Story: Scotland votes NO: After a lengthy campaign and an overwhelmingly high turnout, the Scottish people have rejected independence by a margin of 55% to 45%. Voting stations closed at 10pm on the 18th of September and the first results came in just after 2am on the morning of the 19th. A majority of Scottish council areas voted no, with the city of Edinburgh among them. Alex Salmond accepted defeat and called on Westminster to honour its agreement to devolve more power to Scotland.

Leaked emails show Anti-Defamation League urging universities to stop Palestine protests: The organization which dedicates itself to fighting anti-Semitism is accused of urging U.S. universities to crackdown on anti-Israel protests. The leaked emails, which specifically target Muslim students, warn university administrators that protests over Israel’s treatment of Palestinian civilians are dangerous and can get out of hand.

Two British people to be questioned over the deaths of two Thailand tourists: After two British tourists were found dead on a beach in Thailand, suspects included six Burmese men. Two Brits have been added to the list of suspects.

Ukrainian crisis peace deal doesn’t allay desires of rebels: After ceasefire proceedings and negotiations to end the conflict began, self-rule for Eastern Ukraine has been proposed as a possible solution to the fighting. Self-rule has been met with both skepticism and praise by rebels.

  • Related: Ukraine ratifies the original EU agreement: The agreement, which sees Ukraine move closer to the European Union, was initially approved and then rejected by then-President Viktor Yanukovych, which began the protests that led to the Ukrainian crisis.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg sees “no urgency” for the court to hear a same-sex marriage case: The left-leaning judge, who so often dissents with her fellow justices, sees no urgency for SCOTUS (the Supreme Court of the United States) to take up the contentious issue, so long as appellate courts continue to rule uniformly. Her comments come as a shock to some liberal activists who rely on her to be a progressive voice in the court, but supporters of Ginsburg maintain that SCOTUS has no reason to dive into the issue unless the lower courts begin to conflict in their rulings.

Search for missing girl Alice Gross now includes search for another: After 14 year old Alice Gross went missing and a missing person hunt started, police are now launching a similar investigation into the whereabouts of Arnis Zalkalns, who used the same canal path route as the missing girl. Zalkalns has reportedly been charged with murder in Latvia, and was accused of an indecent assault on a child. The latter claim was considered unsubstantiated and no further action was taken by the authorities.


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