Party Conferences 2014: The Leaders Speak.

For the five main Westminster parties, conference season is over. Below, I have detailed all of the actual policies and promises made by the leaders of each of the five main parties. These are the earliest indication of what each party plans to do before they release their actual manifestos.

I. Natalie Bennett for the Green Party: Friday September 5th.

II. Ed Miliband for the Labour Party: Tuesday September 23rd.

III. Nigel Farage for the UK Independence Party, Friday September 26th.

IV. David Cameron for the Conservative Party, October 1st.

V. Nick Clegg for the Liberal Democrats, October 8th.

I. Natalie Bennett, Leader of the Green Party

The environment

We should preserve the natural environment and have a scientific approach to environmental issues.

We will stop the plundering of the seas and create marine reserves.

We will stop the badger cull.

We will completely outlaw fracking.

We will embrace renewable energy.

We will reign in agri-chemical companies, factory farmers and developers.

We will commit to completely carbonless electricity.

We will commit to fighting global climate change with the UN and willing nations.


We will not rest until every food bank is closed due to lack of demand.

We will not rest until the DLA level is restored to pre-Cameron levels

We will abolish the the Work Capability Assessment.

We will introduce a basic unconditional income.

The economy

We will raise the minimum wage to £10 for all workers by 2020.

We will impose a complete ban on zero hour contracts.

We will charge a wealth tax, 1-2%, on wealth over 3 million pounds.

We will impose a levy on chain stores that damage their surroundings i.e. the horse-meat scandal, waste and infrastructure damage.

We will force businesses who make profits here to pay tax here, and will crack down on tax avoidance.

We will back small businesses and co-operatives.

We will take back the rail service and put it in public hands.

We will stop the overwhelming focus on London and back regional development elsewhere.

We will abandon the HS2.

We will stop making the common people pay for the mistakes of the financial sector.

We will stop the privatization trend and reverse Thatcherite policies.

We will remove the right to buy and stop exploitative landlords with a Rent Cap.

Foreign policy

We must stop making, buying, selling and subsidizing hideous weapons in the arms trade.

We must stop disastrous military interventions like those in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We must comply with non-proliferation treaties and abolish Trident.

We must stop providing support to brutal regimes like Saudi Arabia.

We must stop the TTIP which would remove food safety standards, worker’s rights and environmental protections.


We believe that the profit motive has absolutely no place in healthcare.

We believe that the NHS must remain in, and be brought back to, public hands.


We will completely abolish university tuition fees.

We believe in schools being democratically run by the communities that use them.

We believe in children being taught how to live happy lives and not pushed through the exam machine.

Civil liberties

We will repeal the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act.

You can watch Natalie Bennett’s full speech here.

II. Ed Miliband, Leader of the Labour Party

Six National Goals

1. Halve the number of people on low pay by 2025.

We will raise the minimum wage to over £8.

2. All people will share in the wealth of Britain’s success.

We will break up the big banks to ensure competition.

We will decentralize power and remove it from Whitehall.

We will fight for equal rights for the 5 million self-employed.

3. Become a world leader in the green economy by 2025.

We will create 1 million new green jobs.

We will take all of the carbon out of electricity by 2030.

We will create a green investment bank with powers to borrow and attract investment.

We will devolve power to communities so they can insulate 5 million homes by 2025.

We will tackle global climate change.

4. Have as many people leaving school to do an apprenticeship as the amount of people who leave school to go to university by 2025.

Dramatic changes in business, government and education to open the apprenticeship market.

Businesses must provide apprenticeships if they want to hire workers from outside the EU.

We will give businesses control over money for apprenticeships and make them provide them in exchange for government contracts.

5. Build as many homes as we need and double the amount of first-time buyers by 2025.

We will stop large developers from sitting on land.

We will create a new generation of towns, garden cities and suburbs.

We will build 500,000 new homes. Get Britain building again.

6. Create a truly world-class health and care service.

We will provide 3,000 more midwives. 5,000 more care workers. 8,000 more GPs. 20,000 more nurses.

How to pay for it all

We won’t borrow a penny.

We won’t raise taxes on working families.

We will clap down on tax avoidance and hedge funds to raise over 1 billion pounds.

We will use proceeds of a mansion tax for properties worth over 2 million pounds.

We will raise extra resources from the soaring profits of tobacco companies.


We will set aside 2.5 billion pounds in an NHS Time To Care fund.

We will repeal the Health and Social Care Bill.

The EU

Our future lies in the European Union, but we must reform it. We must build alliances, not burn them.


We support overnight air-strikes against ISIL terrorists, and support an approach which incorporates political, diplomatic and humanitarian interests.

We also on the UN to gather international support to tackle the threat.

Israeli-Palestinian conflict

We believe in a two-state solution: Two states for two peoples living side by side.

LGBT rights

Things are sliding backwards internationally. Michael Cashman will be our LGBT rights envoy.

Standing up to those in power

Ed Miliband says he cares about using the power of government to stand up to powerful forces when needs be.

That’s why he stood up to Rupert Murdoch over phone hacking. That’s why he stood up to the banks over bonuses. That’s why he stood up to pay-day loan companies over their exploitation of the poor. That’s why he stood up to energy companies over their soaring prices and profits. That’s why he stood up to the Daily Mail when they said his dad hated Britain.

You can watch Ed Miliband’s full speech here.

III. Nigel Farage, Leader of the UK Independence Party


We will ensure that the postal voting system is properly available to the elderly, the infirm, those who work overseas and those in the Armed Forces.


The Rotheram child sex abuse scandal went on for so long because of political correctness.

We must combat Islamic radicalization which is going on in our schools and prisons, reject Sharia law, and accept that the multicultural experiment has failed.

We must ensure equality before the law no matter what your nationality, race or religion is.

The EU

Love Europe, hate the EU.

Leaving the EU will save us 10 billion pounds each year in membership fees.

We will be able to remove bureaucratic laws on the environment, work and health and safety, take back our fisheries, lift the burden off of small businesses who are forced to play by the same rules as big firms like Unilever and Tesco, make trade deals with people who speak our language, and reduce our deficit.

The economy

No tax on people earning the minimum wage.

An oversupply of labour from immigration has devalued the minimum wage and turned it into a maximum wage.


We must control the quality and quantity of immigrants.

We are currently Borderless Britain and we cannot control our borders by being in the EU.


The devolution genie is out of the bottle and won’t go back in, and promises made by the three main parties were not made in good faith and are illegitimate.

We must make sure only English MPs can vote on issues that affect England – English votes for the English people.


We will not privatize the NHS.

Foreign policy

Drawing up border lines in the Middle East during the colonial era was foolish and is coming back to haunt us.

The war in Iraq was foolish. Bombing Libya was extraordinarily stupid. Arming the Syrian rebels is a total and utter shambles.

It is not our job to impose Western democracy on tribal cultures.

When you bomb, you kill civilians. When you bomb, you make the streets of Britain less safe.

Thinking that dropping bombs on Islamic State terrorists in one country will solve the problem is gravely mistaken.

We should have formed an international containment coalition with Arab and African countries whereby we provide knowledge and moral support and they provide troops on the ground.

You can watch Nigel Farage’s full speech here.

IV. David Cameron, Leader of the Conservative Party and current Prime Minister

Foreign policy

We must deal with ISIL before they bring terror to our streets.

Brits trying to travel to Syria or Iraq to join ISIL will have their passports revoked, and will be prosecuted and convicted.

Those already with ISIL are enemies of the UK and will be treated as such.


We will bring fairness to the constitution. The Scottish people will get more powers, but so will the rest of the UK.

We will deliver English votes for English laws.


We will deliver the lowest corporate taxes of the G20 countries, including Germany, Japan and the U.S.

We will fund 3 million apprenticeships.

We will abolish zero hour contracts which are exploitative.

We will get rid of income tax for people earning less than £10,500 a year.

We will raise the tax-free personal allowance from £10,500 to £12,500.

People working 30 hours a week on minimum wage will pay no income tax.

The 40p tax rate would start at £50,000, rather than current £41,900, of earnings.

We will build 100,000 new homes which will be 20% cheaper than normal. Buy-to-let landlords and wealthy foreigners won’t be able to buy them, only first time buyers under 40.

National Citizen Service will guarantee a place for every teenager.

We will abolish the means test for state pensions. £140 a week instead.

We will give people complete control over private pensions. 55% of tax on pension will be scrapped.


People will get Jobseeker’s Allowance only if they update their CV, attend interviews, go to the Job Centre, and accept the work they’re given.

No benefits for people 21 or under. Earn or learn.

Human rights

Our Modern Slavery Bill will eradicate human trafficking.

No more human wrongs under the banner of human rights. We will scrap the European Court of Human Rights which stops us deporting suspected terrorists and wants us to give prisoners the vote.

We will scrap the Human Rights Act once and for all, and deliver a British Bill of Rights.


We will protect the NHS budget and invest more. Ring-fencing NHS spending.


We will continue to cap economic migration outside the EU, Shut down bogus colleges which were visa factories.

We will renegotiate with the EU and won’t take no for an answer. No more free movement of people.

You can watch David Cameron’s full speech here.

V. Nick Clegg, Leader of the Liberal Democrats and current Deputy Prime Minister

Foreign Policy

Concerning ISIL, we will “find you, destroy your bases, cut off your supplies [and] isolate you from your support” and we will not “stop until it is done”.


We will eliminate the deficit in the first three years of Parliament, but we will ensure that we can still invest in Britain’s creaking infrastructure while doing so.

We will borrow less than Labour but cut less than the Tories.


We will deliver healthy lunches for all schools.

We will deliver qualified teachers for all classrooms.

We will provide monetary travel assistance for college students.

We will implement pupil premium (more cash for schools with poor students).


We will restrain the influence of big business and restrict political money.

We will push for a democratically elected House of Lords.

We will keep our promises to Scotland over devolution.

The environment – Five Green Laws

1. Reduce carbon from the electricity sector

2. Create new legal targets for air and water cleanliness

3. Give everybody access to green space

4. Boost energy efficiency and renewable energy

5. Bring an end to dirty coal and push for green cars

Mental Illness

We must break down the taboo on mental illness.

We must put mental health at the same level of concern as physical health.

We will introduce national waiting times for patients with mental health conditions:

1. Depression: 8-16 weeks

2. Psychosis: 2 weeks

We will treat mental breakdowns, including the urge to self-harm, like we treat A&E treatments.


We will raise the personal allowance again, to £11,000, in the first year of Parliament.

We will raise the point at which you pay tax to £12,500.

Civil Liberties

We will block the Data Communications Bill.


The NHS needs more money. We will raise £1 billion a year for it by ending three tax breaks for the super rich, including the Shares for Rights “gimmick”.

We will protect the budget in real terms.

We will ensure the NHS budget can keep rising after we’ve dealt with the deficit.

You can watch Nick Clegg’s full speech here.

The UK General election will be held on the 7th of May 2015, unless Parliament alters the date.


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