Sunday news round-up: October 6th-12th

An ongoing series that gathers some main headlines from the week, for people too busy to keep an eye on the news.

Labour narrowly holds Heywood & Middleton seat: With a majority of just 617, Labour’s Liz McInnes held her seat in the by-election. UKIP saw its vote count rise by nearly 10,000, while the Greens gained 3% of the vote.

UKIP wins Clacton seat: In what the establishment is calling a “political volcano”, ex-Tory MP Douglas Carswell has been elected by the people of Clacton as a UKIP MP.

The Liberal Democrats hold their party conference: The annual meeting of Liberal Democrat politicians and supporters is held in Glasgow.

United States Supreme Court won’t hear same-sex marriage cases: In a shocking move, SCOTUS did not include same-sex marriage in a list of cases it will take on when it reconvenes. This means that 11 states where same-sex marriage was challenged can now begin to perform same-sex marriages. The refusal of SCOTUS to hear a same-sex marriage case means these emergency challenges (called “stays”) will expire. According to Reuters, “other states under the jurisdiction of appeals courts that struck down the bans will also be affected, meaning the number of states with gay marriage is likely to quickly jump from 19 to 30”.

Conservative Rabbi Gil Steinlauf comes out as gay: The Rabbi, who recently compared liberal criticism of Israel to disguised anti-Semitism, has announced that he is gay and is amicably divorcing his wife. While Steinluf came under fire for dismissing criticism of Israel, some commentators praised his message that loss of Palestinian life is as devastating as loss of Israeli life, an admission they felt was sorely missing on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Madeleine McCann “Twitter Troll” found dead: Brenda Leyland, who lashed out against the parents of Madeleine McCann on Twitter and blamed them for their daughter’s disappearance, has been found dead. Police are not treating the death as suspicious. Although Leyland was denounced by many, Sky News received considerable criticism for taking the matter out of the law’s hands and confronting her at her home shortly before her death. Leyland fled her home after the encounter with Sky News. Madeleine McCann disappeared in Portugal in 2007 while on a family holiday and has not been seen since.

  • Related: Katie Hopkins weighs in: The shock jock, known for her numerous appearances on This Morning, tweeted “how many must die before the McCann’s accept their negligence is at the heart of all their grief? Enough already”, prompting condemnation from other users.



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