Sunday news round-up: October 13th-19th

An ongoing series that gathers some main headlines from the week, for people too busy to keep an eye on the news.

Top story: MPs overwhelmingly vote to recognize the State of Palestine: With 274 yes votes and just 12 no votes, MPs voted to approve a symbolic resolution to recognize Palestine alongside Israel late Monday night. Labour initiated a whip on their MPs to vote yes, whilst David Cameron, all cabinet ministers and most Tory MPs abstained from the vote (of course). 44% of MPs were present for the vote, and the vote comes shortly after Sweden approved recognition of Palestine.

  • Related: Gay MP Mike Freer resigns as a PPS to vote no: Because Parliamentary Private Secretaries were barred from voting on the resolution, Mike Freer resigned his PPS post in order to vote against recognizing Palestine. He foolishly and incorrectly equates recognizing Palestinians’ basic human rights and dignities with supporting anti-gay Hamas. Narrow minded indeed.

Ebola outbreak receives massive media attention: The virus, which has killed around 4,500 people in 5 countries but cannot be transmitted through their air, continues to be the staple story in most news cycles. The top 20 leading causes of death in the African Continent continue to be under-reported, while mainstream American news provides a platform for panic.

Israeli Defense Forces kill 13 year old Palestinian boy: Bahaa Badr was shot three times in the chest by the IDF in a village in the West Bank on Thursday night. There are conflicting reports that Badr took part in an “illegal” demonstration against the IDF. Zionist reaction to his death ranged from laughter, claiming that assaulting IDF members means you are a terrorist “no matter what your age”, and outright glee. The last IDF assault on the Gaza Strip (Operation Protective Edge) resulted in millions of dollars worth of damage and 2,100 dead Palestinian civilians.

Catholic Bishops fail to approve landmark welcome to gay people: Bishops voted on a watered-down Vatican document that acknowledged gay people should benefit from pastoral care this week, but failed to pass the motion by 118-62. A document which would allow divorced or remarried Catholics to receive Communion also failed to pass.

  • Related: Gay Catholic groups express their fury: According to PinkNews, Kieran Rose of Ireland’s Gay and Lesbian Equality Network said “This Synod of Bishops has missed the opportunity to reflect and embrace the very positive changes in attitude towards lesbian and gay people that have come about over the last 20 years … It is disappointing that the majority of the Synod chose not to reflect reality, and that elements within the Catholic Church continue to say to lesbian and gay people, and to their parents and families, that they are not welcome.”

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