By-elections: UKIP takes Rochester and Strood. Greens surpass Lib Dems. Labour founders.

You get the government you vote for. That is what I shall remind Rochester and Strood voters of in 5, 10, or 15 years, when no doubt they’ll be looking back at Mark Reckless and his UKIP successors, and what they’ve done to this country. Because yes, the too-Tory-for-the-Tories party has won another by-election, meaning their power now stands at: 2 MPs, 24 MEPs, 3 Lords, and 368 councillors. On Thursday the 20th of November, R&S voters headed to the polls in a haze of Euroskeptic, slightly racist, vague anger at the establishment, and voted for another establishment party. Apparently, if you get seen drinking beers, laughing in pubs and wearing horrible tweed jackets, you’re a man of the people. Who knew!

At this point I am sick and tired of repeating the same criticisms of a party that resembles the Libertarian Party of the U.S. on acid. You know who UKIP are. You know what they want. And you’ve voted for them anyway. Nice work. Enjoy your privitized NHS. Enjoy your out of control military spending. Enjoy your reduced trade routes. Enjoy your black and LGBT discrimination. Here’s the results of Rochester and Strood and how they compare to the 2010 General Election.

Rochester and Strood

Rochester and Strood 2

By the way, here’s how Mark Reckless voted while he was a Tory MP. Man of the people? Not so much.

What did the BBC think?

BBC Political Correspondent Chris Mason issued a perspective on how Rochester and Strood played out on a party-by-party basis. Here’s how he compared the results for UKIP and the Greens. Decide for yourself if there’s bias.

UKIP has two elected MPs – two MPs who can stand up and make life awkward in the Commons for the bigger parties, two MPs who are walking and talking proof the party can win elections to the Commons … Psychologically that is huge. Huge for UKIP, and hugely wounding for the big three parties are [sic] Westminster … And only a few weeks ago any sort of win for UKIP here looked a tall order. But they managed it.

Such praise! Hey Chris, did you know the Greens surpassed the Lib Dems in R&S?

The Greens are upbeat. The party is riding high – for them – in the polls and they have once again seen off the Liberal Democrats in a by-election, getting five times as many votes as Westminster’s third party … A YouGov poll for the Sun earlier this week put the Greens on 8%, the highest they have ever managed with that pollster … But they didn’t come close to that in Rochester and Strood – managing just over 4%.


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