Sunday news round-up: November 24th-30th

An ongoing series that gathers some main headlines from the week, for people too busy to keep an eye on the news.

Top Story: Darren Wilson not indicted: In a grave miscarriage of justice, the murderous (former) police officer who repeatedly shot 18 year old Mike Brown will not stand trial. Each day incidents like this happen, which is pretty much every day, the U.S. resembles a failed state. This is the new Jim Crow.

Israel Cabinet approves measure to define Israel as “Nation-state of the Jewish people”: Described as violent nationalism by critics and dissenters, the legislation officially solidifies Israel as the homeland of Jewish people. Palestinian and Arab activists warned that this could lead to further persecution of non-Jews living in Israel, while Israeli PM Binjamin Netanyahu described it as an important step for the Jewish people. This measure, if it passes, will severely reduce the democratic elements of the State of Israel.

Solar energy prices begin to threaten fossil fuel monopoly markets: The price of solar energy continues to plummet, making it not only one of the cleanest forms of energy, but one of the cheapest. No wonder the oil, gas and coal industries spend so much money trying to keep people away from it.

UK government to get stronger anti-terror powers: Thanks to the efforts of Home Secretary Theresa May, British police will soon be able to seize the passports of citizens it suspects of engaging in terrorist activities, or planning to participate in them abroad (i.e. foreign ISIS fighters). These new powers come as the government pressures sites like Facebook to monitor user activity for extremist content, despite the fact that hundreds of millions of messages get transferred on the site daily.



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