Your definitive guide to UKIP’s racists, sexists, homophobes, Islamophobes, anti-Semites, paedophiles, animal abusers, and violent bullies.

The 2015 General Election has come and gone, with a slight Tory majority giving us five more years of David Cameron. Despite an enormous pre-election campaign and an unabated media spotlight, UKIP have lost one of their incumbent MPs, Mark Reckless, and party leader Nigel Farage failed to win his constituency seat of South Thanet. He has since stepped down. The party currently has only one MP in Clacton, Douglas Carswell, the same number of MPs as the Green Party.

This post will serve as a reminder that UKIP ran a vicious, vile, and loathsome election campaign with bigots the likes of which we haven’t seen since the BNP and the National Front. Indeed, some of UKIP’s candidates had ties to these parties. I will periodically update this post if and when more UKIP creatures emerge from the swamp to spout their hateful views.

Angry Meditations claims no responsibility for the atrocious spelling and poor grammar of the people quoted in this list.

National party officials, past and present.

Nigel Farage, former current leader of UKIP and former Parliamentary candidate for South Thanet.

  • Said that HIV+ migrants are causing a strain on the NHS and shouldn’t be given a diagnosis or life-extending drugs [Leader’s Debate 02/04/15]
  • Said he wouldn’t feel comfortable if a group of Romanian men moved in next door to him [Source]
  • Described the EU voting to raise maternity pay as “foolishness” [Source]
  • Said that his views on maternity pay come from getting “so many women pregnant over the years” [Source]
  • Said that women would be useless on the front lines of battle [Source]
  • Defended Godfrey Bloom’s assertion that “no employer with a brain in the right place would employ a young, single, free woman” (see below) because it had “been proved so right” [Source]
  • Said that women are “worth less” than men if they have a family [Source]
  • Said that businesses should perhaps ask mothers to “sit in the corner” if they participate in “ostentatious” breastfeeding, since the matter is about “good manners” [Source]
  • Said that women don’t vote UKIP because they’re naturally adverse to risk [Source]
  • Defended Kerry Smith’s use of the word “chinky” to refer to Chinese women (see below) because “if you and your mates were going out for a Chinese, what do you say you’re going for?” [Source]
  • Called for a ban on all non-English speaking NHS staff, and expressed concern about GPs who “don’t speak very good English” [Source]
  • Said that “Sharia Law” was being implemented in parts of the UK, and that mass immigration has led to the rise of Islamic “ghettos” [Source]
  • Said that Britain should repeal race discrimination laws, and said that employers should be able to discriminate on the basis of nationality [Source]
  • Called for a ban on wearing the burqa or veiled niqab in public and likened them to a balaclava [Source]
  • Ruled out a rise in the minimum wage because it would bring a “surge” of “Romanians” to the UK [Source]
  • Ruled out search-and-rescue missions for migrants in the Mediterranean unless assurances were made that “waves of millions” would not enter the UK, and said he was only open to accepting “Christian” refugees [Source]
  • Said that UKIP cannot be racist because “black people” want to take selfies with him, and said that in “black part[s] of south London”, people greet him as a friend [Source]
  • Said that proposed changes to the EU’s asylum seeker policy “could lead to half a million Islamic extremists coming to our countries and posing a direct threat to our civilization” [Source]
  • Refused to admit whether his manifesto’s “conscience clause” would allow business owners to deny service to gay people on the grounds of religious belief [Source]
  • Made a joke about the death of a man at Michael Barrymore’s house and referred to gay people as “fags” [Source]

Paul Nuttall, Deputy Party Leader.

  • Told a predominantly Welsh-speaking town that people coming in should “learn to speak English” [Source]
  • Attended a meeting in the same town and referred to people trying to allow questions in Welsh as “the enemies of free speech” [Source]
  • Said that migrants in the UK should not be allowed to vote on an EU referendum [BBC election coverage, 07/05/15]

Steve Crowther, Executive Party Chairman.

  • Asked party supporters to take part in a “rate an immigrant” survey to rate how close they feel to various ethnic groups on a scale of 1 to 10 [Source]

Neil Hamilton, Deputy Party Chairman.

  • Referred to the NHS as “diseased”, a “more effective killing machine than the Taliban”, a “Soviet-style monolith” and a “substitute for religion”, and suggested it would be better privatized [Source]

Suzanne Evans, Deputy Party Chairwoman.

  • Said that the EU is brainwashing children in UK schools through colouring books [Source]

Matthew Richardson, General Secretary.

  • Said “people talk about UKIP being full of bigots – there are hundreds of thousands of bigots and they deserve to be represented” [Source]
  • Referred to the NHS as “the Reichstag bunker of socialism” which wrongly provides “shemales” with the means to become “born-again virgins” [Source]

Misty Thackeray, Chair of Scottish UKIP.

  • Liked Facebook group which thinks “paedophilia is part of Islamic tradition” [Source]
  • Posted “real Catholicism and Real Islamism are far from antagonists with both having an outwardly benign image but inwardly sharing a fascist ideology of extreme submissive conservatism and imperialism” [Source]
  • Described Glasgow council as a place for “gays, Catholics, and Communists” [Source]
  • Appeared on a leaked list of English Defense League activists [Source]

Hermann Kelly, Director of Communications for UKIP’s EU group.

  • Accused two British Muslim MEPs of having links to the Taliban [Source]

Lord Pearson, former leader of UKIP.

  • Said that “the Muslims are breeding ten times faster than us” to the point where we are “no longer able to resist the rest of their demands” [Source]
  • Suggested that the Qu’ran was responsible for the murder of Lee Rigby and that all Muslims should apologise for terrorism [Source]

Christopher Monckton, former Deputy Party Leader.

  • Claimed that gay men have over 20,000 sexual partners in their lives, that most gay relationships only last a few hours, and that HIV is gay men’s “wages” [Source]
  • Said that Scottish people are “subsidy junkies” who “[whinge] like a trampled bagpipe as they wait for their next fix of English taxpayers’ money”  [Source]
  • Called for parts of the Qur’an to be banned [Source]

Roger Bird, former General Secretary.

  • Allegedly bullied and sexually harassed a fellow UKIP member [Source]

Stuart Wheeler, former Treasurer.

  • Said it would be unnecessary to “have a lot of women, or a particular number, on a [company] board” because “business is very, very competitive” [Source]
  • Said that men far out-perform women in competitions like “chess, bridge, [and] poker” where women have no physical advantage [Source]

Winston McKenzie, former Croydon North Chairman and Commonwealth Spokesman.

  • Said that same-sex adoption is “tantamount to child abuse” because the child “has no chance to turn out normal” [Source]
  • Described his own prospective constituency as an “unsafe” “dump” that had “descended into depravity” [Source]
  • Said he was “disillusioned” and “dismayed” about boxing champion Kellie Maloney’s decision to transition to a woman, and refused to address Kellie by her chosen pronouns [Source]

Members of Parliament.

Mark Reckless, former MP for Rochester and Strood.

  • Suggested that migrants living and working in an EU-free Britain would only be allowed to stay for a “fixed period” [Source]

Douglas Carswell, current MP for Clacton.

  • Referred to the NHS as the “national sickness service” [Source]

Members of the European Parliament, past and present.

Diane James, current MEP for the South East of England.

  • Said that the government must stop “the crime associated with Romanians” [Source]

Julia Reid, current MEP for the South West of England.

  • Retweeted a Tweet which claimed “Muslims have child sex slave gangs in every city according to police chief […] Islam has no place in the UK needs banning” [Source]

Stuart Agnew, current MEP for the East of England.

  • Said “if you look at the people who get degrees more, women get them and they are getting the jobs in the workplace but for various reasons they don’t have the ambition to go right to the top because something gets in the way. It’s called a baby” [Source]
  • Claimed that cutting carbon emissions is dangerous because plants need carbon dioxide to grow [Source]

Patrick O’Flynn, current MEP for the East of England.

  • Described pregnant women in the workplace as a “major disadvantage” and a “disaster” [Source]
  • Said that women who have just given birth to a child will not perform well in a job [Source]
  • Said that racial discrimination employment tribunals are just ways for ethnic minorities to punish their bosses for not giving them a promotion [Source]
  • Blamed all British Muslims for the 2005 July 7th bombings [Source]
  • Said that violence against Muslims is just “the British public being perfectly fair and sensible in a post-September 11 world” [Source]
  • Said London’s East End will become an “exclusively Muslim district in which others fear to tread” [Source]
  • Said that allowing Muslims to migrate to the UK would result in a “white-flight out of urban areas and the creation of more Islamic ghettos” [Source]
  • Said “research shows British Muslim [communities] are typified by heavy levels of welfare dependency and low levels of wealth creation” [Source]

Tim Aker, current MEP for the East of England and former Parliamentary candidate for Thurrock.

  • Said that the Equality Act and other human rights legislation must be scrapped [Sunday Politics 03/15/15]
  • Hired a former National Front candidate to help run his office [Source]

David Coburn, current MEP for Scotland.

  • Referred to gay activists as “equality Nazis” in the “militant equality lobby” who are looking for something to be upset about and “trying to give Christianity a good old kicking” [Source]
  • Said that same-sex marriage only matters to “some queen who wants to dress up in a bridal frock and dance up the aisle to the Village People” [Source]
  • Called Tory MP Ruth Davidson a “fat lesbian” and accused her of looking like porridge, called former Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont a “fish wife”, and accused SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon of having “mad scary eyes” [Source]
  • Referred to the Green Party as “cult-like Scientology” [Source]
  • Said that the Lib Dems and Labour want to “ban sex” [Source]
  • Referred to audience members as “bourgeoisie Greens” when they sarcastically clapped him [Source]
  • Compared Muslim SNP Minister Humza Yousaf to hate preacher Abu Hamza [Source]
  • Referred to Ed Miliband as a “wanker” and an “arsehole”[Source]
  • Said that he can’t be racist because he’s gay, and accused people in same-sex marriages of “just doing it for the photos” [Source]
  • Allegedly referred to political rival Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh as “Pashmina”, “Jasmine” and “Tamzin” on purpose [Source]
  • Said that Scotland would turn into a “stripped pine Scandinavian peacenik sauna republic” if the SNP win the upcoming election [Source]

Roger Helmer, current MEP for the East Midlands.

  • Supported reduced prison sentences for rape, and explained that in the case of date rape, “the victim surely shares a part of the responsibility, if only for establishing reasonable expectations in her boyfriend’s mind”. [Source]
  • Said that gay people are “abhorrent to God” but are never discriminated against or attacked, and that homophobia is an empty word used by the “militant gay rights lobby” [Source]
  • Said that same-sex marriage is a “grotesque subversion” that undermines traditional marriage and may lead to incest and/or communal marriages [Source]
  • Said that the NHS should fund “gay conversion therapy” [Source]

Bill Etheridge, current MEP for the West Midlands.

  • Told young UKIP voters to emulate Adolf Hitler and described the German dictator as a “magnetic and forceful public speaker” who “achieved a great deal” [Source]
  • Posted pictures with his wife posing with Golliwogs and described them as “childhood friends” [See below]
  • Published a book entitled “Britain – A Post Political Correctness Society” with Golliwogs on the front [Source]
  • Published private details of Hope Not Hate activists online and remained silent when UKIP supporters issued violent threats against them [Source]


(Bill and his wife posing with their beloved racist toys)

Mike Hookem, current MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber.

  • Stood by Godfrey Bloom after his resignation and threatened party members on Facebook who criticized Bloom [Source]

Gerard Batten, current MEP for London.

  • Said that the “bulk of terrorists are Muslim” and endorsed a publication which suggested the best way to combat terror was to get all Western Muslims to sign a pledge of allegiance [Source]

Janice Atkinson, former MEP for the South East of England.

  • Referred to a local Asian resident and business owner as a “ting tong from somewhere” [Source]
  • Described feminism as “outdated and sexist” [Source]
  • Demanded that the police arrest protesters who criticize UKIP [Source]
  • Told a protester to “fuck off” and referred to her as “the fat Green woman” [Source]
  • Accused benefit users of being alcoholics, and suggested that state benefits should be restricted to certain items and services. Later cheated the taxpayer by fudging her expenses (woe the irony) [Source]


(Janice flips off some protesters)

Godfrey Bloom, former MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber.

  • Referred to countries that are recipients of foreign aid as “Bongo Bongo land” [Source]
  • Called for some EU officials to be hanged [Source]
  • Questioned why employers would want to hire a woman of “child-bearing age” and suggested that the women’s rights movement were “sluts” who forget to “clean behind the fridge” [Source]
  • Said “no employer with a brain in the right place would employ a young, single, free woman” [Source]
  • Said “[feminists are] shrill, bored, middle-class women of a certain physical genre” and claimed “women, in spite of years of training in art and music – and significant leisure time in the 18th and 19th Centuries – have produced few great works” [Source]
  • Said that “most men can reverse a car better than a woman” [Source]
  • Mocked a disabled student at an Oxford Union event [Source]
  • Attacked a journalist on the street [Source]
  • Called for the wealthy to be given more electoral power, and suggested that unemployed people should be banned from voting if they have “contributed nothing to the national exchequer” [Source]

Parliamentary candidates, past and present.

Alan Craig, former Parliamentary candidate for Brent North.

  • Compared gay rights activism to Nazism, and likened campaigners to the “Gaystapo” [Source]
  • Tried to speak at a “gay cure” therapy event [Source]

Paul Martin, former Parliamentary candidate for Salisbury.

  • Described Chinese, Indian, and Russians as “freaks” [Source]

Bradley Monk, former Parliamentary candidate for South East Cornwall.

  • Went as Jimmy Savile for a Halloween party and allegedly had ties to the EDL [Source]

Anne Marie-Waters, former Parliamentary candidate for Lewisham East.

  • Said that left-wing people in the UK are “teaching children to hate Western culture” [Source]
  • Referred to Islam as an “aggressive religion” which “promotes men to beat women” [Source]
  • Said that if she was in power she would stop “immigration from Islamic countries”, deport “a lot of people”, and close down “many Mosques” [Source]
  • Launched a think-tank called VOICE: Victims of Islamic Cultural Extremism with far-right hooligan Tommy Robinson [Source]

John Bickley, former Parliamentary candidate for Heywood and Middleton.

  • Referred to opponents of UKIP as “leftards” and accused them of having a “sense of humour bypass” [Source]
  • Claimed that using a swastika in UKIP political imagery is just “satire” [Source]

Ian Luder, former Parliamentary candidate for South Basildon and East Thurrock.

  • Said that HIV+ migrants should not receive life-saving medication [Source]

Harry Boota, former Parliamentary candidate for Bradford West.

  • Described gay marriage as “going against people’s religion” and said “God’s primary concern is procreation” [Source]
  • Suggested that 9/11 may have been a hoax [Source]

Magnus Nielsen, former Parliamentary candidate for Hampstead and Kilburn.

  • Posted “70% of mosques in the UK have been taken over by Wahabbi fundamentalists. Islam is organised crime under religious camouflage. Any Muslim who is not involved in organised crime is not a ‘true believer’, practising Islam as Muhammad commanded” [Source]
  • Posted “Historically, whenever politically-activated Muslims gain power they remove freedom of speech and human rights; they annihilate people (Muslim and non-Muslim) in their millions” [Source]
  • Described the prophet Mohammed as a “criminal psychopath” who was “psychologically deranged” [Source]
  • Agreed to speak at rallies organized by the English Defense League [Source]
  • Said that suffragettes “probably [did] the wrong thing” and that taking away the vote from some people may improve voter turnout [Source]
  • Spoke at a rally organised by a group with ties to the EDL and said Britain is “at war with Islam” because it is an “insidious movement to infiltrate all the organs of government” and is the “enemy of every democratic and free society” [Source]
  • Wrote that Islam is taking over the UK with the “silent and invisible certainty of carbon monoxide poisoning” [Source]

Rob Bryant, former Parliamentary candidate for Beckenham.

  • Told a student at a hustings event that “the pure white ethnicity is a minority” [Source]

Alan Meville, former Parliamentary candidate for Edinburgh North and Leith.

  • Allegedly verbally abused and spat in the face of a political opponent on numerous occasions [Source]

Patricia Culligan, former Parliamentary candidate for Eastleigh.

  • Accused a HIV+ Lib Dem candidate of “deliberately” catching the disease and argued that free care for HIV+ people should be stopped because it’s “very costly” [Source]

Caroline Santos, former Parliamentary candidate for Argyll and Bute.

  • Threatened and bullied a school teacher on Twitter [Source]

Geoff Caton, former Parliamentary candidate for Wallasey.

  • Posted “Liverpool pride August 3rd being an arse bandit nothing to be proud of” [Source]
  • Posted “My worst nightmare, have been working in a Pakistani club from 9am” [Source]
  • Shared an image from the page Ready to Die For Christ which claimed that same-sex marriage was a sin [Source]

Nathan Somerville, former Parliamentary candidate for Livingston.

  • Accused the BBC of being “hippie paedos” and called for it to be “thrown in the trash” [Source]

Bill Walker, former Parliamentary candidate for Aldershot.

  • Reposted a cartoon created for the BNP by a neo-Nazi white supremacist, which depicts violent stereotypes of black people, Sikhs, and Muslims wearing inflammatory slogans on their clothes [Source]
  • Called for the bombing of Mosques across the UK and warned of the “Islamic infiltration of the UK” [Source]
  • Referred to Nepalese residents of the UK as “parasites” [Source]

Jamie Huntman, former Parliamentary candidate for Castle Point.

  • Used a planning permission form to explain that a rubbish site “resembl[ed] an Eastern European capital city” [Source]

Donald Grewar, former Parliamentary candidate for Newport East.

  • Agreed with a BNP post which likened gay people to paedophiles and fascists, and praised the EDL for a post they made about not surrendering to “militant Islam or political correctness” [Source]

Gordon Davies, former Parliamentary candidate for Rugby.

  • Said he wanted to resist the “thought control” of political correctness [Source]
  • Retweeted a Tweet which claimed that restricting freedom of speech in any way is a “hate crime” [Source: Jan 3rd]

Keith Crawford, former Parliamentary candidate for Exeter.

  • Attended a student event and said he’d “rather face 10 Russians running at me with a half-eaten baby and a Kalashnikov than be here” [Source]
  • Said that the Housing Association lets migrants with children cheat waiting lists [Source]
  • Said that British workers are subsidizing French workers [Source]

Jeff Armstrong, former Parliamentary candidate for Bolton South East.

  • Made a series of crude and tasteless jokes on Facebook, including likening an “ugly, fat woman” to a farm animal [Source]

Dickie Bird, former Parliamentary candidate for Banbury.

  • Posted “bus done now on the train sat opposite some gay pussy” [Source]
  • Posted that footballer Fernando Torres was a “gay boy like the rest” [Source]

Martin Power, former Parliamentary candidate for Blackley and Broughton.

  • Distributed a libellous leaflet to local residents but scribbled out the worst part with a black biro [Source]

Przemek Skwirczynski, former Parliamentary candidate for Tooting.

  • Posed for a picture with Janusz Korwin-Mikke, a far-right Polish party leader who thinks women are too dumb to vote and that same-sex marriage should be illegal [Source]

John Rees-Evans, former Parliamentary candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth.

  • When asked to read a quote from Julia Gasper (see below) who claimed gay people enjoy bestiality, replied with “Actually I’ve witnessed that. I was personally quite amazed. I’ve got a horse, it was in the fields, and a donkey came up – my horse is a stallion. A donkey came up which is male, and I’m afraid it tried to rape my horse. My horse bit the side of the donkey, and I had to give my horse a slap to protect the donkey. In this case [Julia is] obviously correct” [Source] [Source]

Myles Power, former Parliamentary candidate for Manchester Central.

  • Told an audience of young people that Islam should be banned from being taught in schools [Source]

John Leathley, former Parliamentary candidate for Sedgefield.

  • Posted that writer Yasmin Alibhai-Brown “needs a shag” and would “love a big black thing up her arse” [Source]

Dr Jonathon Munday, Parliamentary candidate for Wellingborough and Rushden.

  • Accused a potential voter of having piles and an STD [Source]

Martyn Ford, former Parliamentary candidate for Swansea West.

  • Published and distributed a leaflet entitled “Islamic Terror Abuse of our Children” which condemned multiculturalism and claimed “Segregated Muslim communities have proved a fertile breeding ground for Islamic extremists, a direct result of uncontrolled immigration” [Source]


(The leaflet, which looks frighteningly similar to ones published by far-right group Liberty GB)

Reverend George Hargreaves, former Parliamentary candidate for Coventry South.

  • Helped to form the The Scottish Christian Party, which called for the reinstatement of Section 28, called homosexuality a sin, called for a ban on same-sex adoption, called for the return of the death penalty, and called for mandatory Christian education in all schools [Source]
  • Proposed that the NHS should not offer treatment to HIV victims because the illness is “self-inflicted”, and campaigned across the country for the removal of various “Satanic” images from public buildings and football clubs [Source]

William Cash, former Parliamentary candidate for North Warwickshire.

  • Wrote a snide and derogatory article complaining about the quality of Eastern European housekeepers for his moated, gated, 15th century Elizabethan manor house [Source]
  • Bemoaned the tax attack on the “restoration class” [Source]

Caroline Santos, former Parliamentary candidate for Argyll and Bute.

  • Distributed images of a political opponent’s daughter on Twitter, and sarcastically accused the opponent of neglecting their child [Source]

Sharon McGonigal, former Parliamentary candidate for North Ayshire and Arran.

  • Accused the same political opponent mentioned above of “pretend[ing] to be a victim” and encouraged Caroline Santos to keep sharing images of the opponent’s daughter on social media [Source]

Ted Strike, former Parliamentary candidate for Stockton South.

  • Posted on Facebook “Britain is being battered by storms yet again, not long after the worst storms in over 100 years, whilst I feel for those affected by these ‘Acts of God’, is it God’s reply to Cameron’s Coalition Government’s un-Godly change in the law on marriage?” [Source]

Philip Rose, former Parliamentary candidate for Erewash.

  • Said gay sex is “sordid frightfulness” and gay people are “being used by forces of evil” [Source]

Kim Rose, former Parliamentary candidate for Southampton Itchen.

  • Likened the EU to Nazi Germany [Source]

Scott Cairns, former Parliamentary candidate for Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill.

  • Allegedly referred to Alex Salmond as a “silly alcoholic wifebeater”, used the sectarian slur “fenian”, and accused “lefty loonies” of hacking his social media account [Source]
  • Allegedly posted “who cares if [Nazis are saluting], you walk down Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow and get bombarded with Communist crap so why not support a Fascist regime?” [Source]
  • Allegedly posted “You forget the Communists in Russia killed millions too yet it’s amazing when anyone or anything relates to Nazism of the BNP is not allowed” [Source]

Barry Edwards, former Parliamentary candidate for Twickenham.

  • Issued legal threats to constituents who accused him of being a landscape gardener (no really) [Source]

Kalvin Chapman, former Parliamentary candidate for Stretford and Urmston.

  • Referred to Islam as “despicable” and said Muslims are “fucked up” [Source]

Dr Raymond Shamash, former Parliamentary candidate for Hendon.

  • Said he was “fearful” of Muslims and said “there are 2.8 million people [in the UK] who are ideologically and religiously opposed to us” [Source]

Victoria Ayling, former Parliamentary candidate for Great Grimsby.

  • Caught on tape advocating the deportation of all immigrants [Source]
  • Said “multiculturalism does not work; Britishness does” [Source]
  • Attended National Front meetings in the 70’s for “student research” [Source]
  • Blamed the EU for the deaths of migrants crossing the Mediterranean [Source]

Steve Latham, former Parliamentary candidate for West Bromwich East.

  • Said that the Labour Party had been “infiltrated by the evil cult of Islam” [Source]

Jack Sen, former Parliamentary candidate for West Lancashire.

  • Told a white supremacy website that white South Africans are “an endangered species” who are being “hunted into extinction” by black South Africans [Source]

Alan Harris, former Parliamentary candidate for Oxford West and Abingdon.

  • Posted “why cant i say in my own bloody country black is still a colour and gay are still queers” [Source]
  • Posted “A bacon sandwich – a piece of English heritage the fucking Muslims don’t want” [Source]
  • Posted “welcome to England Romanians and Bulgarians are job centres will be open on the 2nd jan and there will be plenty of people to rob on the tubes tonight” [Source]
  • Called for a boycott of Morrisons in London for not “offending Muslims” and posted “there wouldn’t be any fucking Muslims if our brave men and women had adopted that attitude” [Source]

Jeremy Zeid, former Parliamentary candidate for Hendon.

  • Compared U.S. President Barack Obama to a Nazi war criminal and suggested Israel should “do an Eichmann” on him, but lamented that Obama would probably receive humane treatment in prison [Source]
  • Said that parts of London are being ethnically cleansed of white people and said a lack of white faces in some areas was “worrying” [Source]
  • Described critics and opponents as cowardly vermin, parasitic tapeworms “infesting the bowels of society”, and “malignant nematode infested slug[s]” [Source]

Robert Blay, former Parliamentary candidate for North East Hampshire.

  • Said that political rival Ranil Jayawardena is a “slippery bastard” who is “not British enough to be in our Parliament”, who “ticks the young Asian box”, and who planned the birth of his child in time of the election [Source]
  • Also threatened to “put a bullet between his eyes” [Source]
  • Said that all Eastern Europeans come to the UK to “ponce off us” [Source]

Lynton Yates, former Parliamentary candidate for Charnwood.

  • Questioned why unemployed people should use “taxpayers hard earned money on a car” and suggested that unemployed people should be banned from driving. When asked to elaborate on his comments, Yates suggested that unemployed people “leave a bit earlier and get the bus” to get to job interviews [Source]

Julia Gasper, former Parliamentary candidate for Oxford East.

  • Called for readers of PinkNews to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act, and claimed that gay rights activists are neo-Nazis and neo-McCarthyites [Source]
  • Said there is a strong link between homosexuality and paedophilia, and refers to gay rights as “homo fascism” [Source]
  • Denied that LGBT people were persecuted by Nazi Germany and refers to it as the “myth” of the “the Homocaust” [Source]
  • Said UKIP was “plagued with transsexuals” after she resigned [Source]

Kerry Smith, former Parliamentary candidate for Basildon South.

  • Recorded as referring to “disgusting pooftahs” and described LGBTQ in UKIP using the logo as “f***ing disgusting” [Source]
  • Recorded referring to a woman with a Chinese name as a “chinky bird” [Source]
  • Recorded joking about the residents of Chigwell shooting “peasants” in a “hunt” [Source]
  • Said that there is a “witch hunt” by the PC brigade against working class people [Source]

Mark Walker, former Parliamentary candidate for Worcester.

  • Urged Facebook followers to share an article which likened interracial marriage to a “plague” and claimed mixing the races amounts to “genocide” [Source]

Matthew Smith, former Parliamentary candidate for Great Yarmouth.

  • Allegedly forged signatures and committed electoral fraud to boost UKIP’s standing [Source]

David Evans, former Parliamentary candidate for Camborne and Redruth.

  • Jailed for 6 months after being found guilty of extensive animal cruelty [Source]

John White, former Parliamentary candidate for Mid Worcestershire.

  • Agreed with an email which denied that black teenager Stephen Lawrence was murdered, compared his Baroness mother to an ape, and said she was given her title “on the grounds of her being black with the distinction of having had a son murdered (sic) by white-men” [Source]
  • Said that murdered ethnic minorities “play the race card” and said his nephew was murdered by “some foreigner” but that police ignored it because his mother was white [Source]

Adam Brown, former Parliamentary candidate for Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney.

  • Launched an online poll asking people whether they’d have sex with then-suspected murderer Amanda Knox [Source]
  • Was issued with a three year ban from all UK football grounds after a hooliganism incident [Source]

Local chairpeople and secretaries, past and present.

Steve Kendall, St Austell and Newquay Branch Chairman.

  • Said that he joined UKIP for its opposition to same-sex marriage, said that marriage should be solely for the “bonding of a male and female” and that same-sex marriage “needlessly stirred up trouble for the gay community” [Source]

Pamela Preedy, Redcar and Cleveland Branch Chairwoman.

  • Posted in an online forum “The image of [murdered black teen] Stephen Lawrence has been promoted to sainthood, with his own memorial site, constant invocation of his name in any discussion of racism; even to close down a discussion about immigration when the issue bore no relevance to his murder” [Source]
  • Claimed that Lawrence’s mother should grieve “privately without setting him up as some kind of media icon” because “she risks boring us all to tears” [Source]

Neil Whitear, Horsham Chairman.

  • Tweeted “Why does the media constantly refer to Christmas as the ‘festive’ or ‘holiday’ season? Are they afraid of using the word ‘Christmas?'” [Source]

Richard Crouch, Secretary of Bosworth and South Leicestershire UKIP.

  • Posted “It may be britains biggest shithole, we may be full of pakis, but u can’t help supporting where u come from, come on leicester, premiership bound” [Source]
  • Described Romanians as being “pick pocketing criminals” and claimed that the Taliban was running an insurance scam in Leicester by staging whiplash accidents [Source]
  • Posted “Made up my mind when I’m 50 I’m treating myself to one of those ukrainian birds off the net, u can order a blonde even specify your preferred tit size” [Source]
  • Posted “Cant handle going in a reception and the bird behind the counter bending over […] she is wearing a see thru red g string with a perfectly toned tanned behind, I just get a urge to jump over the counter and mount her” [Source]
  • Posted “We coped with a African invasion, a Indian invasion, a Chinese invasion, a polish invasion […] Fuck the European Union time to get our borders and say no, get fucked you left wing bastards” [Source]
  • Said that an invasion of Romanians was about to begin and said the only way to deal with them is to massacre them with bayonets [Source]

David Challice, senior Exeter party official.

  • Took out a newspaper advert which condemned the “lunacy of multiculturalism” and sarcastically suggested that “cash-strapped Moslems” should exploit tax loopholes, marry multiple women, and claim benefits for them all [Source]

Robert Ray, former Thurrock Chairman.

  • Stood as a candidate for the white supremacist group National Front in the 70’s [Source]
  • When arrested for drink driving, said to police officers “Do you know who I am? I am a prominent person and a councillor. I am a powerful man” [Source]

Peter Entwistle, former Bury Chairman.

  • Claimed President Obama is a Muslim and a “closet ‘Imam'”, and stated “If I ever see him on a Greyhound bus wearing a rucksack, I’m getting off!!” [Source]
  • Jailed for 5 years on account of grooming children as young as 12 and possessing around 200,000 indecent images of children. Called himself the “Naughty Doctor” whilst grooming children [Source]

Andy Lovie, former Secretary of Aberdeen UKIP.

  • Has ties to neo-Nazi groups, posted on white supremacy forums expressing his excitement for a “white future”, and recommended Holocaust denial groups [Source]
  • Said that “practising homosexuals” shouldn’t be allowed to vote [Source]

Councillors, past and present.

Michael Frost, Bristol councillor and former Parliamentary candidate for Bristol North West.

  • Described Bristol’s mayor to a a scruffy little asylum seeker who’s got dressed in a pound shop” [Source]

Brian Morris, Bradford councillor.

  • Suggested that the best way to save migrants from drowning in the Mediterranean was to “throw in some Scots as life belts” [Source]

Tom Bursnall, Winsor and Maidenhead councillor.

  • Questioned whether unemployed people should be allowed to vote [Source]
  • Argued that that rich people should receive more votes than poor people [Source]

Dan Long, Harlow councillor.

  • Nominated Eddy Butler, a white supremacist and former BNP strategist, to represent UKIP in Parliament. Butler assaulted people at anti-fascist rallies and took part in the BNP’s “Rights for Whites” campaign [Source]

Trevor Shonk, Kent councillor.

  • Said that an “influx” and “overload” of immigrants makes Britain a racist country [Source]

Martyn Heale, Kent  councillor.

  • Was an active member of the white supremacist group National Front group in the 70’s [Source]

Tiggs Keywood-­Wainwright, Lincolnshire councillor.

  • Questioned whether the building of Mosques means there is anywhere “sacred” left in Britain, and claimed “Bottom line is we have too many Muslims in this country!” [Source]

Colin Mair, Lincolnshire councillor.

  • Falsely accused Labour of issuing billboards that read “Put Black and Asian families first in order to end racism” [Source]
  • Published a blogpost that claimed asylum seekers who are “racially similar to us” are not a problem, but that other “aliens” entering the UK have caused “increased criminality, drug trafficking, vice and prostitution, ex-otic diseases, not to mention the demoralisation of our people” [Source]
  • Published a blogpost that advocated voluntary resettlement for non-whites and which claimed “The rush towards a non-white Britain will be stopped and reversed the moment the British people pluck up the courage to demand it” [Source]
  • Claimed that David Cameron wants a black Prime Minister, that Ed Miliband wants an Asian Prime Minister, and that UKIP is the only party which won’t “betray” “British heritage, tradition and roots!” [Source]
  • Claimed that immigrants are to blame for outbreaks of disease and health crises [Source]

Tom Andrews, Great Yarmouth councillor.

  • Allegedly slapped a gay rights campaigner across the face [Source]

Donna Edmunds, Lewes councillor.

  • Said that businesses should be allowed to turn away women and gay people [Source]

Warren Bates, Oldham councillor.

  • Verbally abused and humiliated a local resident at a town meeting [Source]

Jonathan Childs, Norwich councillor.

  • Allegedly called Lord Mandelson a “jewish poofter” and accused him of being “bent as a nine bob note” [Source]

Chris Pain, former Lincolnshire councillor.

  • Posted “Have you noticed that if you ­rearrange the letters in ‘illegal ­immigrants’, and add just a few more letters, it spells, ‘Go home you free-loading, benefit-grabbing, resource-sucking, baby-making, non-English-speaking ********* and take those other hairy-faced, sandal-wearing, bomb-making, camel-riding, goat-********, raghead ******** with you.'” [Source]
  • Objects to foreign-born doctors working in the NHS [Source]

Eric Kitson, former Worcestershire councillor.

  • Shared pictures on Facebook showing a Muslim being roasted alive over burning Qur’ans, and shared images claiming that some “cancers” like Islam must be treated with nuclear weapons [Source]
  • Responded to a comment about Muslim women with “Hang um all first and ask questions later” [Source]
  • Shared several anti-Semitic images linking the Rothschild banking family to Adolf Hitler [Source]

Matthew Ellery, former Basingstoke councillor.

  • Posted “Genuinely feel like stabbing someone today!!!” and described Basingstoke women as “pug ugly” [Source]

Rozanne Duncan, former Thanet councillor.

  • Said she had a problem with “negroes” faces, specifically their “wide nostrils”, and claimed that Jews have hooked noses, but insisted she isn’t racist because she knows lots of Asian shopkeepers [Source] [Source]

David Silvester, former Henly-on-Thames councillor.

  • Wrote a letter to a local newspaper which stated “since the passage of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act, the nation has been beset by serious storms and floods […] The scriptures make it abundantly clear that a Christian nation that abandons its faith and acts contrary to the Gospel (and in naked breach of a coronation oath) will be beset by natural disasters” [Source]
  • Described homosexuality as a “spiritual disease” that can be “healed” through scripture, and that “a Christian should long for gay people to be healed and to have normal heterosexual lives” [Source]

Dave Small, former Redditch councillor.

  • Posted “I refuse to call them gays, as what has gay to do with Perverts like Elton John and Clair Balding who get their jollies in such disgusting ways. to sum up, they should not allowed to be married, they should go back to the closet” [Source]
  • Posted under the headline “Muslims and the threat they pose to our way of life” and stated “Fact, we had most eradicated TB [tuberculosis] from this country, then with the migration for Muslim country’s its near epidemic proportions. But mustn’t say anything, it might be considered racist” [Source]
  • Also referred to “our sworn enemies in the Muslim world” and called African immigrants “scroungers” [Source]

Council candidates, past and present.

Shaun Hobson, council candidate for Nottingham.

  • Shared an image which claimed a “cure” for homosexuality had been found, and added the caption “THANK GOD MY PILES ARE KILLING ME MY ARSE LOOK LIKE A BLOOD ORANGE PMSL” [Source]
  • Shared an image which claimed the prophet Mohammed was a paedophile [Source]
  • Shared an image which featured racist caricatures of Asian, black, and Romani people which claimed white Britons are “second-class citizens in [their] own country” [Source]
  • Shared an image which claimed we must “fight Islam” and added the caption “For our childrens sake”
  • Shared an image which said “FUCK OFF YOU MUSLIM PAEDO CUNT” and added the caption “ya filthy foul stinky inbred green teethed scum” [Source]
  • Shared an image which suggested that Muslims should not receive benefits [Source]
  • Shared an image which accused Muslims of “SCREAMING TO LEAVE THEIR SHIT HOLE” only to come to the UK and “SCREAMING TO LIVE BY THEIR SHIT LAWS” [Source]
  • Shared an image which claimed Islam is not a religion of peace because it blows up children [Source]
  • Shared an image calling for the removal of Barack Obama from office, and added the caption “Muzzles out the white house” [Source]

Ted Bennett, council candidate for South Thanet.

  • Referred to Romanians as “scum people” [Source]
  • Said that he doesn’t want to see one more refugee in the UK [Source]
  • Claimed that migrants drowning in the Mediterranean were agents of ISIS [Source]

Derek Wilkes, council candidate for Wigan.

  • Posted that immigrants “don’t work”, “claim benefits”, “are filthy” and have no respect, and urged people to sign a petition to “remove them all from our country” [Source]
  • Posted that Muslims “are brought up learning the evil Koran claiming iut’s a religion when it is nothing moire than an evil cult” [Source]
  • Posted “our country has been turned into a cesspit by all the aliens that have been allowed to come here”
  • Posted that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown “allowed there foreign infidels to come here and turn our country into a cesspit” [Source]
  • Posted that David Cameron and Tony Blair should be “hung for treason” [Source]
  • Shared images from Britain First which called for the Burqa to be banned, said “Enoch Powell was right”, and urged the government to stop all aid to “Islamic countries” [Source]
  • Shared an image from “A Cult Called Islam” which suggested that the best way to combat terrorism was to kidnap and torture innocent civilians [Source]

Geoff Courtenay, council candidate for Hillingdon.

  • Created a Facebook status questioning whether words like “Paki”, “Wog”, “Nig Nog”, “Dark Person”, and “Chinky” were actually racist, and claimed they might just be “realism”. Also claimed that saying these words is just like “calling a sandwich a sarnie” [Source]

Peter Endean, council candidate for Plymouth.

  • Mocked the death of over 800 drowned migrants and retweeted a Tweet which referred to them as “Labour’s new floating voters coming to a country near you soon” [Source]

Adam Duffield, council candidate for Plymouth.

  • Posted “First Miliband wants more Muslims in UK now [Ed] Balls wants new currency!!! What is it gonna be. Pound lira or Muslim Sterling…?” [Source]
  • Shared a video entitled “Britain heading towards a civil war with Islam” [Source]

Barry Wells, council candidate for Blackpool.

  • Shared numerous Britain First and BNP images, among them one which claimed it was “shocking” that a large number of ethnic minorities use state schools and that a large number of schools “have no white children”, one which claimed “there is no such thing as moderate Islam or moderate Muslims”, and one which claimed halal meat was infiltrating schools [Source]

Craig Sweaton, council candidate for Leeds.

  • Called for people to bury dead pigs across the UK to stop the construction of future Mosques [Source]
  • Said that most Muslims living in the UK don’t consider themselves English [Source]

John “Johnny Rockhard” Langley, council candidate for Stockwood.

  • Accused of soliciting prostitution for his pornographic films [Source]

Graham Whitehead, council candidate for Peterborough.

  • Made jokes about interracial marriages using pictures of monkeys [Source]

Oliver Rees, council candidate for Kirklees.

  • Asked for and relied on the support of BNP activists to get nominated [Source]

Sidney James Walker, former council candidate for Mansfield.

  • Was a member of the BNP and donated money to their cause [Source]

David William Griffiths, former council candidate for Isleworth.

  • Issued an election leaflet which listed “breastfeeding” as a top election priority, and in it claimed that a woman’s primary duties were “that of the child-bearer and nurturer” and claimed them doing anything else is “inconsequential froth” [Source]
  • Said that some people were “intended by nature” to be slaves and were “marked out for subjugation” since birth [Source]
  • Suggested that Britain should implement a South African apartheid system [Source]

Harry Perry, former council candidate for Stockport.

  • Described David Cameron as a “gay-loving nutcase”, called homosexuality “an abomination before God”, and referred to Muslims as “devil’s kids” [Source]

Anna-Marie Crampton, former council candidate for Crowborough.

  • Allegedly posted online that the Holocaust was actually Jews sending their own people into gas chambers, and allegedly posted that the Jews were responsible for the outbreak of WWII [Source]

Geoffrey Clarke, former council candidate for Kent.

  • Issued a manifesto which called for the “compulsory abortion” of foetuses with “Downs [Syndrome], Spina Bifida or similar syndrome” and referred to people with these syndromes as “a burden on the state as well as on the family” [Source]

John Lyndon Sullivan, former council candidate for Forest of Dean.

  • Congratulated Russia for banning gay pride marches [Source]
  • Posted “I rather wonder if we shot one “poofter” (GBLT whatevers), whether the next 99 would decide on balance, that they weren’t after-all? We might then conclude that it’s not a matter of genetics, but rather more a matter of education” [Source]
  • Referred to same-sex marriage activists as “termites” [Source]
  • Said that Victorian-style physical education could prevent children from becoming gay [Source]

Dean Perks, former council candidate for Halesowen and Rowley Regis.

  • Said that Sharia Law is the solution to crime because “if you think you’re going to get your hands chopped off for pinching something, you won’t pinch it” [Source]

Iain McLaughlan, former council candidate for Peterborough.

  • Said it was a “tragedy” that Section 28 was repealed because “children need to be protected from the promotion of homosexuality”, and expressed dismay that gay people wanted to “destroy the heterosexual family” [Source]

Paul Rimmer, former council candidate for Liverpool.

  • Posted “From the Bible, Sodomy defiles a Nation. Those who promote it will be punished & vomited out of the Land. In 2012 Liverpool FC sponsored the City’s Gay Pride Parade. Unless they repent they will be under a continual curse […] Liverpool were amazing last year, but the title was denied them […] Everyone knows homosexuality is wrong, but now we have to pretend its nice and normal and anyone who points out it’s a perversion is evil. This is a deep moral and spiritual sickness in our nation” [Source]
  • Threatened to sue Liverpool police for arresting him for protesting the flying of a rainbow flag during the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia [Source]
  • Posted “What’s so terrifying about Islam is that its an armed ideology spreading carnage around the globe. Its like the IRA times a billion with mass rape & suicide bombers thrown in. The role of Obama is to disarm western resistance to this horrible storm” [Source]
  • Referred to the BBC as “totally unpatriotic, un-Christian & anti-white”, worshipping “sodomy and blackness” and pushing “pro-Moslem propaganda” [Source]
  • Referred to females who criticized his posts as “feminazis” [Source]


(Rimmer threatening to sue Liverpool police for arresting him after he verbally abused them)

David Wycherley, former council candidate for Rushall-Shelfield.

  • Posted “can somebody explain please….Mo Farrah, an African from Somalia,who trains in America,has won a gold medal for Great Britain !” [Source]

James Silverfox, former council candidate for Barking and Dagenham.

  • Commented “How did I know he is Nigerian?” on a new story about a fraudster stealing from a dead person’s bank account [Source]

Gary Port, former council candidate for Greenwich.

  • Likes the BNP on Facebook, and stated “I don’t think it’s that clear that the BNP are racist” [Source]

William Henwood, former council candidate for Enfield.

  • Suggested that Lenny Henry (who was born in Birmingham) should emigrate to a “black country” and “does not have to live with whites” [Source]

Matt Pavey, former council candidate for Lewisham.

  • Claimed that the racially-motivated murder of Stephen Lawrence has received too much media attention, and that the murder of white people often goes unnoticed [Source]

Ronald Loebell, former council candidate for the Ribble Valley.

  • Jailed for two years after admitting to grooming a 12 year old girl and encouraging her to perform sexual acts via webcam [Source]

Heino Vockrodt, former council candidate for Brent.

  • Described English Defense League members as “honest normal people” [Source]
  • Said that Islam is a “totalitarian ideology” [Source]
  • Accused Muslims in his constituency of “grooming children to sex slaves”, driving out local shopkeepers, and turning the place into “Helmand province” [Source]

Keith Woods, former council candidate for *unknown*

  • Posted in an online forum about murdered black teen Stephen Lawrence “As for St Stephen of Racism, I feel sorry for the parents of many white youths that have been murdered […] No one seems to give a toss […] Your son gets murdered, you become an expert on race relations it seems […] But only if you are a particular colour” [Source]

UKIP card-carriers and misc affiliates.

Christian Soldiers of UKIP, an authorized but unaffiliated UKIP spin-off.

  • Issued a newsletter that claimed gay pride parades were “displays of wickedness” and “depravity”, where gay “sinners” go to “convert” people [Source]

Maggie Chapman, former assistant to UKIP PPC Peter Hollings.

  • Posted “When a white woman disrespects black people on a tram it’s racist, when a black woman disrespects white people on a bus she’s a hero” [Source]
    Posted “How do Muslims practice safe sex? They mark the camels that kick” [Source]
  • Posted “Eastenders is just so unrealistic, a paki family planning to actually go home” [Source]

Andre Lampitt, star of a UKIP ad campaign.

  • Posted “Most Nigerians are generally bad people” and told a Twitter user to “get over” slavery [Source]
  • Posted that Islam is an “evil organisation respecting a prophet who as a pedo” and posted “Muslims are animals their faith is disgusting their prophet is paedophile”. Also suggested that All Muslims need to leave Europe… or denounce their pathetic satanic religion” [Source]
  • Suggested that examining rape statistics would reveal that most attackers come from ethnic minority backgrounds [Source]
  • Suggested that AIDS should not be prevented and suggested that Africans should be left to “kill themselves off” [Source]
  • Claimed that Ed Miliband was “Polish and not British” and therefore wouldn’t know what is best for Britain [Source]
  • Expressed a desire to start a website at [Source]
  • Said it was “unfair” that taxpayer money was being used for humanitarian aid in Syria [Source]

Mark Rothery, activist for North Shropshire UKIP.

  • Posted that the presence of Islam turns a “once green and pleasant land” into a place where “[there is] rubbish on the streets, prostitution houses look run down, gardens unattended high crime figures” and claimed his needs are ignored because he’s white [Source]
  • Posted “take away the murderous part of Hitler and you have to admit he was one hell of a politician he rallied a country” [Source]

Richard Desmond, current donor.

  • Said that a German company’s takeover of The Daily Telegraph would be tantamount to “giving in to the Nazis”, and impersonated Adolf Hitler during meetings with Telegraph staff [Source]

Demetri Marchessini, former donor.

  • Said that a woman cannot be raped by her husband  [Source]
  • Said that women shouldn’t be allowed to wear trousers because they “discourage love-making” and published a book full of creep-shots of women in trousers taken from behind [Source]
  • Said that unmarried women are “naughty girls” who need “a good smack” [Source]
  • Said that gay men experience “no love, only lust” [Source]

Robert Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz, EU Parliament affiliate.

  • Said that beating women might “help bring many wives back down to earth” [Source]
  • Regretted the fact that he’d never beat his children because “because it would have toughened them up” [Source]
  • Defended his party leader’s claims that Hitler didn’t know the Holocaust was happening [Source]
  • Defended his party leader’s belief that women shouldn’t be allowed to vote [Source]

Björn Söder, EU Parliament affiliate.

  • Said that one cannot simultaneously be Swedish and Jewish [Source]

Mike Read, former Radio 1 DJ and UKIP supporter.

  • Wrote and sang the UKIP “Calypso” song in a mock Caribbean accent, with lyrics including “Leaders committed a cardinal sin, open the borders let them all come in, illegal immigrants in every town, stand up and be counted Blair and Brown” [Source]

Ray John Norfolk, UKIP member and activist.

  • Wrote a blogpost condemning “mentally ill and the deranged” “perverts and queers” in UKIP, and argued that “UKIP is not a party for homosexual degeneracy” because “we promote White Christian values” [Source]
  • Suggested that burning gay people alive may be a solution [Source]
  • Hosted or wrote a blogpost entitled “How do we control the problem of the Negro?” which argued “the common household Negro is a coloured who is used to serving the White man as his loyal and submissive animal” and claimed “Negroes all smell the same and have a problem with scent” [Source]
  • Wrote that UKIP’s “points based [immigration] system will stop blacks and their diseased folk from entering the United Kingdom and infesting these lands with bile and bacteria” [Source]

Jan Zolyniak, UKIP member.

  • Posted “The evidence is quite clear that the percentage of homosexuals who molest children is very high and cannot be dismissed” [Source]

Douglas Denny, UKIP member.

  • Referred to gay sex as “disgusting” and posted “What irritates me is they [sic] way they and their leftie, neo-Commie followers seem to want to force the rest of us to consider them as normal […] I just wish they would keep their ­homosexual nature and practices to ­themselves and stop trying to ram it down my throat telling me they are ‘normal’ when they are not” [Source]

Timothy “Dusty” Miller, UKIP member.

  • Hung an enormous sign on his house stating “AN URGENT MESSAGE FOR FATHER CHRISTMAS. ALL WE WANT IS OUR COUNTRY BACK” for Christmas 2013 and 2014 [Source] [Source]

15 thoughts on “Your definitive guide to UKIP’s racists, sexists, homophobes, Islamophobes, anti-Semites, paedophiles, animal abusers, and violent bullies.

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  3. You call Nigel Farage and his cohort bigoted, but actually, you can be a bigot whatever your opinion. Example:

    “Called for a ban on wearing the burqa or veiled niqab in public and likened them to a balaclava.” It’s bigoted to belligerently argue that burqas and niqabs don’t conceal a person’s identity by covering the entire face except the eyes, just like a balaclava. It might be for religious reasons but that does not change the fact that it can serve exactly the same purpose as a balaclava. (If not more effectively, since anyone who voices any suspicion of someone in a burqa is immediately accused of bigotry and racism.)

    Thus, you too, are a bigot.


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  6. You have missed adding a list of ex-members convicted of peadophillia, these need to be added as they are too quick to attack other parties about any such members. These include:

    Brian Deacon, from Merther Close, Sithney
    Mark Burton, 43, of Middleham Road, Darlington
    Jason Phillips of Worcester
    Former Chairman of UKIP Bury in Greater Manchester Peter Entwistle


    • Thanks for the information Milton. I am unable to confirm the validity of the first two claims so I cannot in good faith add their names to the list, but I will add Jason Phillips to this list because I have been able to verify that claim from an independent source. As you will see, I already have Peter Entwistle on the list.

      If you hear of any more mucky UKIP candidates, please let me know, with links if possible!


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