Letters to my (potential) MP: The Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

This letter concerns the views of Parliamentary candidates for my constituency, asking them about their views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict before the May 2015 General Election, and was sent via the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Dear prospective candidates,

I was very concerned by the attack on Gaza last summer, and the death of over 2000 Palestinians. As you are a candidate for my constituency in the forthcoming General Election, I am writing to ask your views on Israel and Palestine, before I decide how to vote.

You are probably aware that the issue of Palestinian human rights is a central concern to many more British voters than ever before. Hundreds of thousands of letters were sent to MPs asking them to oppose Israel’s bombardment of Gaza and to support the recognition of Palestine as a State.

Could you please email me to indicate if you agree with the following statements:

  1. I urge the UK Government to uphold the principles of equality, human rights and international law in all its relations and dealings with Israel.
  2. I consider the construction of Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land in the West Bank and East Jerusalem to be illegal and unjustifiable.
    Yes/noIn achieving these principles, what are your views on the following steps that a future UK Government could take:
  3. Do you agree that one of the first acts of the next UK Government should be the recognition of Palestine?
    Yes/no/don’t know
  4. Do you agree that the blockade on Gaza should be lifted immediately?
    Yes/no/don’t know
  5. Do you agree that we should stop trade with Israel’s settlements on Palestinian land, and stop settlement goods being sold in Britain?
    Yes/no/don’t know
  6. Do you agree that the EU Israel Association Agreement should be suspended until Israel meets its human rights obligations?
    Yes/no/don’t know
  7. Do you agree that the government should stop supplying arms to Israel until it complies with international law?
    Yes/no/don’t know

If you have answered ‘don’t know’ to any question, have you got any additional comments?

[These questions are being asked of candidates of all major democratic parties. The answers will be collated and published on the Palestine Solidarity Campaign website.]

Craig Tracey, Conservative candidate: No reply received.

Mike O’Brien, Labour candidate: No reply received.

William Cash, UKIP candidate: No reply received.

Ian Bonner, Green Party candidate: No reply received.

Eileen Hunter, TUSC candidate: No reply received.


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