Sunday news round-up: April 27th – May 3rd

Top Story: Rioters in Baltimore protest the massacre of black people: Mass acts of civil disobedience have begun in Baltimore, after yet another black man died in police custody. Freddie Grey was picked up on a charge of carrying a switchblade, and suffered injuries to his spinal cord while in police care. Grey’s death at the hands of white police officers is just one of countless examples, and such a level of police brutality against black people has not been seen since the Civil Rights era. Surprisingly, the officers involved in Grey’s death are being charged with homicide. Media outlets have delighted in recounting statistics about damaged property during the Baltimore riots, but are noticeably silent in their outrage over the extermination of black people. Go figure.

SCOTUS hears landmark same-sex marriage case: Justices of the Supreme Court are on the cusp of putting to rest the issue of same-sex marriage in the U.S. once and for all. Justices accepted the landmark case on whether same-sex marriage is a constitutionally protected right some time ago, and have now begun proceedings to hear arguments and formulate a decision. If SCOTUS rules in favour, same-sex marriage may automatically become legal in all 50 states. If they rule against, the fight for marriage equality will suffer a damning blow.

Hundreds of bodies found in Nigerian town: Hundreds of bodies have been discovered in the Nigerian town of Damasak, after a massacre committed by Boko Haram militants. At least two hundred bodies of men, women and children have been discovered, with streets and houses in the town littered with decomposition. Boko Haram considers itself to be the African counterpart to ISIS, and recently pledged allegiance to the group which is terrorizing Iraq and Syria. Incoming Nigerian President and former dictator Muhammadu Buhari has pledged the full wrath of Nigeria’s forces against Boko Haram when he takes power next month.

Pink Floyd co-founder urges Robbie Williams to boycott Israel: Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters penned an op-ed this week calling for entertainer Robbie Williams to pull out of his Tel Aviv gig. In the piece, written for Salon, Waters accused Williams of showing “chilling indifference to [the] well-being” of Palestinian children if he plays the gig, in direct contravention to his work with the UN for children’s rights. Despite the plea, Williams performed in Tel Aviv as planned. The London Palestine Action has called for Williams to step down as a UN Goodwill Ambassador.

Miliband would rather not be PM than coalesce with SNP: Labour leader Ed Miliband has stunned and disappointed progressives in the UK after stating that he would prefer to concede the 2015 General Election than work with the SNP. Miliband was being grilled by a live audience for a special edition of Question Time, and was asked about possible coalition plans if his party fails to win a majority, as it is expected to do. Miliband stated “If the price of having a Labour government was coalition or a deal with the Scottish National Party, it’s not going to happen”. The SNP is set to wipe out every single Labour seat in Scotland when voters head to the polls next week.


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