Still don’t know who to vote for? These might help.

No clue who to vote for? Think you know but wanna be sure? Check out this short blogpost I made about how to make sense of it all, with three resources which let you know who you’ve got the most in common with.

Who Should You Vote For?

This is by far the easiest and most economic-centric political quiz. WSYVF deals mainly with matters of tax and spending, giving you twenty statements and an option to choose how strongly you agree or disagree with them. Although the focus is indeed tax, there are a few other policy areas like the EU and democracy that are thrown in for good measure.

WSYVF is the least comprehensive of all the tests mentioned in this post, hence why it’s the quickest to complete. After you’ve submitted your answers, you’ll be given a bar graph which allows you to see how much you have (or don’t have) in common with the main Westminster parties. Although it’s likely that the percentages would change drastically were you to answer many more questions, WSYVF gives you a good initial indication to whom you should vote for.

Aside from the 2015 General Election, the WSYVF website also has a quiz to test where you fall on the political spectrum, in case you’re curious and enjoy labels.

Region-specific quiz? Only Scotland.

Position Dial.

Position Dial is the most nifty of the quizzes mentioned here. It presents you with a series of statements with the traditional “agree or disagree” options, but as you answer questions, it also draws up a pie chart with your political leanings distributed. So for example, if you keep disagreeing with heavy-handed military statements, an “anti-militarism” segment of the pie chart appears, and will widen depending on how many more military statements you reject.

The accuracy of your results depends on whether you choose to answer all three levels of questions, or just the first and second. Even selecting all three questioning levels doesn’t take much time. At the end of the quiz, you’ll get a list of the parties and the percentage to which you agree or disagree with their ideology, as well as the pie chart with all your various political sentiments. A two-for-one special.

Unlike other quizzes, Position Dial also matches you with actual candidates standing across the country, showing you those whom you agree with the most with their contact details.

Region-specific quiz? No, but matches your answers with SNP and Plaid Cymru.

Vote for Policies.

VFP is by far the longest and therefore the most accurate quiz on the market. Instead of the traditional “agree or disagree” quizzes, you are instead asked to choose a list of policy areas you’d like to be asked about, and the more you choose, the more accurate your result. Once you’ve done so, you’re asked to consider a few policy packs (not choose them, but consider them) to create a short-list in which to whittle down your favourite. They take a bit of time to read through, but once you’re done, you’ve given a pie chart with the parties you’ve matched the most with.

The policy areas you can choose to be quizzed on are: Crime, economy, environment, health/NHS, welfare, democracy, education, Europe, immigration, and foreign policy/defense. It takes about 45 minutes if you select every single topic.

If you just can’t get enough of these policy packs and you’re a bit of an info addict, VFP allows you to review which policy plan you’ve chosen goes with which party, and even allows you to browse the full range of policy packs and the parties they belong to.

Best of all, your results include a page which lets you see how people in your constituency scored, and even lets you see the national average. At the time of writing, Labour, the Lib Dems, and the Greens were the most popular choices.

Region specific quiz? Yes, except for Northern Ireland. Matches your answers with SNP and Plaid Cymru.


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