Sunday news round-up: May 4th-10th

Top Story: Conservatives defy expectation, win UK election: The UK Conservative Party has defied months of predictions and polls and won a majority in Parliamentary elections Three party leaders – Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg, and Nigel Farage – all resigned within hours of the final seat forecast, leaving three of the main parties without a direction with which to fight the Tory majority. Despite gaining over 3 million votes, UKIP have actually lost an MP and only have one. Similarly, the Greens gained over 1 million votes but have only managed to retain Caroline Lucas, the MP for Brighton Pavilion, and many on both the left and right are now calling for electoral reform. The Conservatives are now pushing ahead with their £12 billion in cuts to welfare and a repeal of the Human Rights Act.

Netanyahu forms ultraconservative genocidal coalition: The Butcher of Gaza has managed to rope a coalition together in time for the President’s request. The Butcher signed an agreement with Jewish Home, led by Naftali Bennett, who recently boasted about killing “many Palestinians”, and whose party manifesto called for the annexation of parts of the West Bank. Ayelet Shaked has been appointed as Justice Minister, a woman who recently called for the execution of innocent Palestinian woman and children, whom she referred to as “snakes”.

Ethiopian Israelis clash with police in Tel Aviv: An anti-racism demonstration in Tel Aviv turned violent this week after police charged at protesters on horseback, dispersing tear gas, water cannons, and stun grenades. The demonstrations began after a video emerged of white police officers brutally assaulting a black soldier for no apparent reason. Demonstrators at the rally told Israeli newspaper Haaretz that they have been the punching bag of the police for too long, and that Israel’s racism problem extends far beyond Palestinians. Other demonstrators have likened their struggle to the struggle of Baltimore activists against the massacre of black men by white police officers, but still reaffirm their commitment to Zionism.

French Parliament approves ‘Big Brother’ surveillance bill: France’s National Assembly has approved a new series of surveillance powers which remove the need for a judicial warrant in order to spy on individuals. Only 86 out of 524 representatives voted against the bill, which would allow authorities to install wire taps and cameras without a judicial warrant, and the legislation had the backing of the two main political parties, one of which is in government. France has been on edge since the Charlie Hebdo attacks a few months ago, and a rise in both Islamophobia and anti-Semitism has caused many to question the stability of the state.

Hundreds take to the streets of Brixton to protest police violence: Demonstrators took to the streets of South London this week to show solidarity with activists in Baltimore, who are currently protesting the massacre of black people at the hands of the police, specifically Freddie Grey, who suffered spinal injuries while in police custody. Brixtonites also took the opportunity to demonstrate against what they see is social cleansing of parts of London, where rent prices have soared, forcing long-time residents to move to poorer areas. From Brixton to Baltimore, people are rising up against the authority figures that loom over them.

U.S. airstrikes kill fifty-three civilians in Syria: A human rights group operating in Syria have alleged that U.S. airstrikes have killed up to fifty-three civilians since the bombs began to fall. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights released a report alleging the “massacre” of civilians by U.S. bombs, something President Obama has refused to comment on in the past. Consistent to the human rights cause, the SOHR also levelled new accusations against the Assad regime, accusing him of indiscriminately dropping bombs against civilian neighbourhoods.


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