Letters to my MP: The Human Rights Act and the Snooper’s Charter.

This letter concerns the proposed repeal of the Human Rights Act and the implementation of the Snooper’s Charter, and was sent via WriteToThem.

Dear MP,

Congratulations on your recent win! Now that the election dust has settled, your new government is pushing ahead with its pre-election plans to scrap the Human Rights Act and implement the so-called Snooper’s Charter, which would give the authorities almost unbridled access to citizens’ internet activity under the guise of counter-terrorism. I myself am not convinced that widespread indiscriminate spying on people is the best way to keep the country safe, and my fears about the repeal of the HRA have not been allayed by talk of a British Bill of Rights.

I worry that without the sometimes steadying hand of the Liberal Democrats, my individual human rights may now be at risk.

I was pleased that you ran your campaign mainly on local issues in the run up to the election, but sometimes the bigger picture can be ignored. Do you support the Draft Communications Data Bill? Do you agree that the Human Rights Act must be scrapped? As our newly-chosen representative you surely know that the individual rights of your constituents is paramount, but they look to be eroded now that your party has a majority.

If you can find the time, please outline your views on these proposals, and please give me some indication as to how you would vote on the issue of human rights and the right to privacy, should a bill come before Parliament.

Craig Tracey, Conservative MP: No reply received.


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