Sunday news round-up: June 8th-14th

2016 Presidential announcements will no longer be featured in the news round-up, as too many candidates are announcing every week and this would take up too much space. For an up-to-date list, click here.

Top Story: Turkish election results take world by surprise: Despite assurances by polling data that the reigning AKP would retain its legislative majority, the end result of Turkey’s general election have been quite surprising. The AKP has failed to retain its majority amidst a brutally personal and dirty campaign ran by President Erdoğan, as well as fears of an ISIS invasion along Turkey’s southern border with Syria making many voters lose party loyalty. Most surprising of all is the victory for the left-wing HDP, which represents Turkey’s long-repressed Kurdish minority, as well as left-wing voters in general. Turkey’s election laws dictate that a party needs 10% of the national vote before it can be represented in Parliament. Erdoğan has urged his party to seek coalition talks to avoid a second round of voting.

Israel finds itself not guilty in child beach massacre: Israel’s military judicial system has closed an investigation into the murder of four Gazan children last summer, citing “secret evidence” that indites Hamas militants. The four children were playing on a beach in Gaza last summer during Operation Protective Edge, Israel’s latest onslaught against Gazan civilians. The case has been closed after “a complete criminal investigation” according to an IDF statement, resulting in no prosecutions and no justice for the children killed. The IDF alleges that Hamas militants were using the beach to launch missiles and therefore any civilian casualties by IDF personnel are legal. This of course blatantly spits in the face of not only international law, but common decency. A total of 503 Gazan children were massacred in last year’s bloody assault.

Obama quietly sends troops to help fight ISIS: The Obama administration has quietly approved the establishment of a new American military base in the Anbar Province of Iraq, along with 450 military “trainers” to assist Iraqi forces in their fight against ISIS. The base has been approved as part of a renewed American effort to engage in a proxy war with ISIS, in light of the political climate in the U.S. making a second ground invasion of Iraq very difficult to push through. With Obama’s previous strategy of tacking ISIS with a regional coalition an unparalleled failure, it seems the President is now focusing more on an internal strategy, whereby the Iraqi Army will retake their own cities with the help of behind the scenes military experts. Retaking the captured city of Ramadi is seen as a deciding factor in Iraq’s war with ISIS.

Merkel warns of isolation if Germany rejects data collection: Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned the German people that their country risks global isolation if they continue to reject massive data collection by private companies for advertising purposes. Speaking to a conference of business leaders in Berlin, Merkel told the audience those who live in fear of corporations harvesting their private information “will not be able to take advantage of the opportunity of digitization”, insisting that “many more jobs will be created through the value of data”. Data harvesting remains a controversial practice in Germany, with memories of East Germany’s Secret Police (The Stasi) still fresh in many older residents’ minds. With little oversight, private corporations may be free to harvest intimate details of citizens’ lives for any number of nefarious purposes.

Terrorist police officer resigns after video emerges: A white supremacist police officer caught on tape harassing and intimidating black community pool-goers in Texas has resigned. McKinney PD Corporal David Eric Casebolt responded to an alleged disturbance at a community pool last week, proceeding to intimidate the black children by arresting them indiscriminately, shouting profanities at them, and shoving his gun near their faces. According to an eyewitness, the alleged “incident” was nothing more than a false tip-off by a white resident who was unhappy that black people were enjoying the community pool. Corporal Asshole will keep his pension and benefits, and the McKinney police department remains adamant that the children “did not have the right to be” in the pool.

SCOTUS deals huge blow to Israeli occupation of Jerusalem: In a landmark ruling, the Supreme Court of the United States has dealt a blow to American recognition of Israel’s occupation of Jerusalem, striking down a law which allowed American citizens born in Jerusalem to list “Israel” as their place of birth on passports. John Roberts, Antonin Scalia and Samuel Alito all dissented in the ruling, the tally of which was 6-3. Despite Israel proclaiming Jerusalem to be its capital, no country in the world hosts an embassy there, with all diplomatic offices being hosted in Tel Aviv instead. Additionally, no country in the world, not even the U.S., recognizes the legitimacy of Israel’s presence in Jerusalem. Jewish militias ignored the UN’s proposed takeover of Jerusalem at the end of the Second World War, ethnically cleansing West Jerusalem in 1948 and occupying East Jerusalem in 1967.


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