Sunday news round-up: June 15th-21st

Top Story: Dominican Republic begins ethnic cleansing operation: The Dominican Republic has begun implementing the first stages of a shocking ethnic cleansing campaign against Haitian citizens and dark-skinned Dominicans, on the basis of a recent discriminatory Constitutional Court ruling. Under the ruling, the estimated 250,000 Dominican-Haitians living in the DR will have their citizenship revoked in order to “socially cleanse” the country, which occupies the Eastern part of the Hispaniola island (Haiti occupies the Western half). Although the DR claims its measures are for immigration control purposes, sources on the ground allege that the government is rounding up all dark-skinned residents who are “suspected” of being Haitian, and putting them into concentration camps before their Dominican heritage can be assessed. Over 100,000 Haitians born in the DR have already had their citizenship revoked, despite a sizeable number having never even visited Haiti.

World on brink of sixth mass extinction event: Scientists at three prestigious American universities have warned that the world is about to enter another mass extinction event, the likes of which has not been since since the extinction of the dinosaurs. Scientists at Princeton, Stanford, and UC Berkeley have been analysing data on species extinction and have noticed that species are going extinct as a much higher rate than in the “background”, a term used to denote the periods between mass extinction events. According to the research, the “background” phenomena of species extinction is far higher than it should be at this point in time, meaning that humanity is on the brink of, if not in the middle of, a mass extinction event. Usual suspects include fossil fuel activity, carbon footprints, deforestation, as well as the trashing of marine environments.

White supremacist assassinates State Senator and massacres churchgoers: Shooter Dylann Roof has admitted to prosecutors that he was trying to incite a “race war”. Before opening fire on the church, Roof announced that he was here “to shoot black people”, and during the massacre, told one churchgoer that black people had “raped our women, and you are taking over our country”. Details have since emerged of his white supremacist past, such as his penchant for wearing jackets indicative of apartheid South Africa and Rhodesia, and according to a former roommate, is “big on segregation“. Because the gunman in question is white, the word terrorism has been notably absent from media reporting, with news stories now focusing on his mental state in an attempt to pin his gross white supremacy on mental illness.

Palestinian government resigns without warning: The Palestinian unity government led by Mahmoud Abbas has resigned without warning, citing a lack of mandate in the Gaza Strip and ongoing tensions with Hamas, the de facto government there. Despite a shaky Hamas-Fatah reconciliation process resulting in a unity government with which to fight the Israeli occupation, Fatah’s Amin Maqbul is now quoted as saying that the unity government is weak because Hamas refuses to accept its legitimacy in the Gaza Strip. At the height of the Hamas-Fatah conflict in 2006-07, over 600 Palestinians were killed, with scores more executed in the ensuing years. It is expected that Fatah will now try to form a government on its own.

Anti-war MP secures place on Labour leadership ballot: Anti-austerity and anti-war Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn has secured enough internal nominations to be placed on the leadership ballot, in the wake of Ed Miliband’s resignation. With just minutes to spare, Corbyn managed to narrowly attain the necessary 35 nominations from within the party, and will now attend hustings events before a general leadership vote. Corbyn joins the likes of Andy Burnham, the current favourite, as well as Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall, all of whom have been criticized by left-wing supporters of the party for driving Labour to the right. For some, Corbyn is Labour’s last chance at salvaging its traditionally left-wing credentials.


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