Letters to my MP: Derogatory comments made by the Foreign Secretary.

This letter concerns derogatory comments made by Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond about African migrants, and was sent via WriteToThem.

Dear MP,

The Government’s Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, recently made some very derogatory and shameful comments about asylum seekers and migrants fleeing their home countries and seeking a better life in Europe. Responding to claims that the levels of migrants who seek to find refuge in Europe now constitute a humanitarian disaster, Hammond said that the “millions” of “marauding” African migrants pose an existential threat to the border integrity of Europe. These comments come just days after the Prime Minister referred to the people crossing the Mediterranean in makeshift rafts as a “swarm”.

Are government ministers taking advice from Katie Hopkins now? This rhetoric is not just incredibly insulting to the asylum seekers, refugees and desperate migrants living in Europe, it is bordering on white supremacy. Even though it is our duty as human beings to help those in need, the narrative in the UK is that we cannot take any more because we are “full”, but far from being the migration capital of Europe, Britain takes relatively few people fleeing religious persecution or civil war, compared to places like Germany which, to their credit, actually allow some desperate people to stay. Since you are in government, you are surely aware of these figures by now.

Given our history of pillaging every corner of the globe, first through colonization and now through hideous neoliberal market reforms, isn’t it about time we at least had the decency to help the victims of the messes we create? As a constituent, I implore you to reject the Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary’s comments, and I urge you to take a stand for people who have absolutely nobody on their side.

Will you live up to the notion of compassionate conservatism that your government claims to abide by? Will you give the voiceless a voice, by speaking up against this issue in Parliament? Surely rescuing human beings in mortal peril is not a political issue, it is one of our most basic and fundamental duties as human beings.

Craig Tracey, Conservative MP: No reply received.


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