Benediction in the Commons

Thoroughly well-researched and well-argued. A must read for anybody who was even remotely enraptured by Benn’s casus belli.

The Colossus

Hilary-Benn (2).jpg

As First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton ‘urged’ her husband to bomb Serbia. As the Democratic Senator from New York, she voted for and vocally supported the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. As Secretary of State, she zealously oversaw the bombardment and destruction of Libya. Mrs Clinton’s lucrative and long-standing connections to so-called ‘defence contractors’ are no longer a secret, and, true to form, she is now calling for a ground war in Syria. In spite of all this and more, her impending presidency is sending liberals everywhere into fits of glossolalist rapture.

Last Wednesday, we in Britain were reminded that we have a hawkish Hilary of our very own. Towards the end of a parliamentary debate on bombing Syria, the shadow foreign secretary delivered a theatric speech in which he euphemistically enjoined the House of Commons to ‘do [its] bit’ in a land which is already being ravaged by the…

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