Letters to my MP: Explain your recent vote against helping child refugees.

This letter concerns a Parliamentary vote on taking in approximately 3,000 lone refugee children who had survived the Mediterranean crossing from Syria into Europe, and was sent via WriteToThem. Parliament voted to reject taking in the 3,000 by a narrow margin.

Dear Craig Tracey,

In November last year, I wrote to you at a time when Parliament was considering a second vote on air-strikes in Syria. In my letter, I urged you to vote against this continued mandate on the grounds that the direct consequences far outweighed any promise of humanitarian relief. I insisted that dropping bombs for the sake of peace in Syria would only further destabilize the region and lead to more displaced and desperate people at our borders. You responded to my letter by extolling the humanitarian benefits of the air-strikes, and you voted in favour of the war.

Now, Parliament has reconvened to discuss whether to take in around 3,000 child refugees who have survived the perilous Mediterranean crossing into Europe. They are at our doorstep, crying for help, and there is little to no chance that we can safely send them back home. Many do not have a home to go back to. No matter how many more bombs we drop, these 3,000 children are here to stay for the foreseeable future, but you voted against opening our doors to them, and now they are scared and alone on an unfamiliar continent, and according to children’s charities, are now at the mercy of human traffickers and predators.

As your constituent, I am writing today to ask you to explain your recent votes regarding Syria. In November, you justified your vote for war on humanitarian grounds, but now, you have voted against immediate and effective humanitarian relief for vulnerable children who are victims of that very same war.

I am struggling to see how those two votes are not now entirely contradictory. Please could you outline your understanding of humanitarian intervention so that me and fellow constituents can decide whether you are worth our votes in the future, should you choose to run again.

With respect.

Craig Tracey, Conservative MP: Reply time unclear – MP publishes responses on his website with no date.


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