In defense of punching Nazis.

Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer is punched in the face during the inauguration protests.

The first few days of the Trump Administration have realized many of our worst fears. So far, America’s Il Duce has declared a National Day of Patriotic Devotion, revoked federal funding for pro-choice NGOs, put a financial gagging order on his own departments, archived White House pages on human rights, prosecuted journalists for covering the inauguration protests, suspended visas from many Muslim-majority nations (while bombing those same nations), started a weekly publication of crimes committed by “aliens”, and threatened to invade Chicago.

The Democrats, who promised to lead the resistance against this American fascism, have so far only aided the regime. High profile ‘resistors’ such as Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker and Chuck Schumer have all approved at least half of Il Duce’s nominees for the Cabinet so far. Schumer is even urging Il Duce to press forward with his belligerent policy towards the Chinese. In public, the Democrats like to see themselves as the Luke Skywalker to Trump’s Emperor Palpatine, but in private, they are the Philippe Pétain to his Adolf Hitler. They’re even being referred to as Vichy Democrats on Twitter, which seems fitting given their meagre resistance so far.

The first country the Nazis invaded was their own, and their is no doubt that the Nazis are invading the United States once more. Over the past few weeks, white supremacists have been interviewed on every major news network in the country, while fascists wearing Swastika armbands have been seen preaching on countless university campuses. CNN apparently thinks it’s acceptable to debate whether Jews are people, while free speech advocates on campus treat Nazi instigators who want to kick off a second Holocaust as another chance to refine their debate team skills.

Put simply, it is a moral crime to give fascists a voice, even if you intend to refute the words that come out of their cesspit mouths. Fascists cannot be debated, charmed, persuaded, or convinced that they have the wrong idea. If you have been so radicalized that you are willing to stand on a university campus wearing a Nazi uniform, it is too late. Fascists are violent creatures who do not care about how many logical arguments and “clapbacks” you have in store for them. Fascism is an ideology of extreme violent emotion, and it cannot be destroyed by reeling off a list of logical fallacies that you found on the internet.

Violence against fascism is acceptable, primarily because it works. If you have read this much and you still question whether fascism should be destroyed, you are part of the problem, and you need not read on.

For those of us who have decided that a second Holocaust is not a worthy price to pay for having the moral high ground, consider this: Prominent neo-Nazi Richard Spencer was recently and repeatedly punched in the face on live television, during coverage of the inauguration protests. After the attacks, he posted a video online in which he said that he was fearful of speaking in public without added security. Because punching Richard Spencer makes it harder for him to spread fascist ideas, such violence is not only acceptable, it is necessary. Punching this hateful gargoyle helps us to defend Jewish people from going back to the camps, and I can think of no higher goal.

And make no mistake; Spencer wants them there. He has been repeatedly caught saluting Adolf Hitler with his merry band of thugs, and has borrowed lines from Nazi propaganda films in many of his speeches, not to mention making derogatory comments about Jewish people. Elsewhere, Spencer has written articles in defense of protecting “white interests” through “peaceful ethnic cleansing”. If you happen to be reading this as a non-white person living in the United States, Richard Spencer wants to force you from your home.

tumblr_oj267rz6hc1tduuewo1_500A redesigned scene from Junji Ito’s “Frankenstein” warns against debating fascism.

Like the Nazis of old that he salutes, Spencer also subscribes to the totally discredited scientific racism of the 20th century. In a recent post on his website (which I will never post a link to), Spencer and one of his fellow degenerates argue that black people are more likely to be underachievers, more likely to commit violent crimes, less likely to have a high IQ, and less likely to contribute anything to the arts and sciences. Spencer concludes that this is a direct result of their skin colour, the underlying implication being a eugenicist one: Lesser beings do not deserve to be treated the same way as greater beings. This is the first step to genocide: Seeing your victims as less than human.

With these views, Spencer and his fellow Nazis lose the right to express their opinion. There are simply too many lives at stake to allow this ideology into our homes and onto our television sets ever again. The theories that come with this ideology have killed well over six million people, and robbed millions upon millions more of a safe existence. By protecting the free speech of Nazis like Spencer, you are collaborating with Nazism, and giving it a safe space in which to grow. Every time you stand by a Nazi and defend their right to an opinion, you make the world a more dangerous place for Jews, LGBT people, disabled people, and ethnic minorities.

I have been to the concentration camps in Poland. I have seen the mass graves, the dead loved ones, the ovens, and the piles of discarded shoes that rise so high that they look to collapse on top of your head. I have seen the way my kin were branded and hunted like animals for loving the wrong people. I can tell you categorically that violence is the only way to stop this from ever happening again.

You may not have the stomach to punch Nazis out of public life. That’s fine. You can still tear down their posters, paint over their graffiti, and silence their message in other ways. But above all, we should never stand in the way of those of us who actually give a shit about the safe existence of Jewish people and other minorities. If you are forced to choose between defending a Nazi’s free speech or defending a persecuted person’s right to live in peace, and you choose the Nazi, you have forever made your choice, and are the enemy of persecuted people everywhere. There is no room for neutrality when it comes to genocide.


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