Mission Statement

The purpose of Angry Meditations is to provide a voice for the voiceless, and to present perspectives that are deliberately kept out of the headlines.

By now, we should all be well aware that the concept of a free press is an illusion. In Britain, for instance, the biggest and most influential newspapers all line up against progressive politics whenever they can. The Guardian and The Sun may seem worlds apart in their political leanings, but when push comes to shove, they tend to find common ground in their love for the status quo, and their hatred for those who question it. Even progressives as mild-mannered as Jeremy Corbyn are subject to ridicule and hostility.

In the United States, the situation is even more bleak. CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News dominate the airwaves with white noise and adverts, while the New York Times and Washington Post do their bit in print to keep people uninformed or misinformed. Regardless of whether it’s a Democrat or a Republican in the Oval Office, the media can be relied on to promote the official narrative from the White House, and little else.

In fact, across the Western world it’s virtually impossible to find a news source that presents the opinions of the underclasses, respects the will of the people, and lobbies for real change.

What would an actual free press look like? It would not be bankrolled by corporations or private interests, it would question authority, it would be honest with its readership, it would side with the little guy, and it would not mince words.

If you do decide to follow my work, I hope you’ll agree that Angry Meditations ticks all of these boxes.