During her last stint in government, Trump’s pick for Transportation Secretary sent miners and child workers to their deaths.

In mid-October, then-candidate Donald Trump made his first pledge to “drain the swamp” in Washington. His seemingly no-nonsense approach to corruption and Congressional sluggishness won him many favours from those disaffected by the federal government, not to mention those who are suspicious of its very existence. After decades of unwillingness to pass even basic reforms, many voters felt that the government did indeed need to be “run like a business”, another cornerstone slogan of the Trump campaign.

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It’s time for a few hard truths.

APTOPIX Obama Trump

AP // Pablo Martinez Monsivais

This week, politics was left reeling in no small part thanks to the shortsightedness of pollsters, pundits, and commentators. On the eve of the Presidential election, The Huffington Post predicted that Clinton had a 98% chance of winning, and that Democrats had a 71% chance of taking over the Senate. FiveThirtyEight predicted that she would take Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. The Independent told us that it was “mathematically impossible” for Trump to win. All were proven wrong.

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Deray McKesson and the moral failure of liberals.

What makes for a successful social justice movement?

By all accounts, feminism has had a rough history. Before the 1990’s, mainstream feminist thought focused heavily on the rights and aspirations of affluent white women in the Western world. Little attention was paid to the plight of working class, queer, and non-white women, while sex workers and porn stars were ignored or condemned. Today, though transphobia and casual racism still plague the movement, third-wave feminism has at least attempted to rectify its supremacist leanings from days gone by.

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