UKIP’s “integration agenda”: Impractical, dangerous, racist, and paedophilic.

PaulNuttallUKIPParty leader/leading berk, Paul Nuttall

In its local election manifesto, UKIP says it is bringing “a breath of fresh air” to British politics. While most of us would insist that it’s not fresh air we smell, but rather the sweaty funk of proto-fascism, UKIP is nonetheless coming into this election campaign to remind us that it’s a serious party full of serious people with serious policies, rather than the party crammed full of paedophiles, white supremacists, and animal abusers that it was two years ago.

Who knows, maybe a leopard can change its spots. Let’s see what flavour of “fresh air” party leader Paul Nuttall wants to waft across Britain, shall we?

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It’s taken less than a decade for liberals to forgive George W. Bush’s crimes.

Bildschirmfoto-2017-02-27-um-21.35.57.pngFormer President George W. Bush speaks to Matt Lauer on the TODAY Show.

Trump’s first press conference was a bizarre experience. Rather than addressing the concerns of journalists and speaking frankly to the nation, Trump used his platform to lambaste the free media, whom he accused of dishonesty, bias, and even criminality. A particular low point was when he browbeat a BBC journalist over the Muslim ban. By all accounts, it was not a “presidential” display (whatever that means).

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In defense of punching Nazis.

Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer is punched in the face during the inauguration protests.

The first few days of the Trump Administration have realized many of our worst fears. So far, America’s Il Duce has declared a National Day of Patriotic Devotion, revoked federal funding for pro-choice NGOs, put a financial gagging order on his own departments, archived White House pages on human rights, prosecuted journalists for covering the inauguration protests, suspended visas from many Muslim-majority nations (while bombing those same nations), started a weekly publication of crimes committed by “aliens”, and threatened to invade Chicago.

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