Now that Trump’s won, it’s time for a few hard truths.

APTOPIX Obama TrumpPresident-elect and President: Trump and Obama meet in the Oval Office.

This week, politics was left reeling in no small part thanks to the shortsightedness of pollsters, pundits, and commentators. On the eve of the Presidential election, The Huffington Post predicted that Clinton had a 98% chance of winning, and that Democrats had a 71% chance of taking over the Senate. FiveThirtyEight predicted that she would take Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. The Independent told us that it was “mathematically impossible” for Trump to win. All were proven wrong.

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The forgotten voters.

How will history remember Bernie Sanders? In the early days of this Presidential election cycle, millions were inspired by the frank words of the self-described socialist from Vermont, the man who rose from humble beginnings as the mayor of Burlington to a national voice for leftists within the Democratic Party. Though Sanders’ platform was neither radical nor revolutionary – his foreign policy especially left a lot to be desired – he at least should be credited with galvanizing voters at a time when political apathy is rampant, and for inspiring Democratic voters to want more from their party.

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Voting for the ‘lesser evil’ won’t stop Trump.

RT_hillary_clinton_and_henry_kissinger_3_ml_160518.jpgHillary Clinton embraces Henry Kissinger at the Atlantic Council.

The 2016 Presidential election looms ever nearer. On the right, Hillary Clinton offers platitudes, false promises, and outright lies, while on the far-right, Donald Trump echoes the sentiments of fascist demagogues before him. Both candidates pledge to kill enormous amounts of people if elected. Both candidates have little to no response to the growing global crises of our age. Both candidates essentially hope to fiddle while Rome burns.

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The Nazis are back.

860x860Laura Ingraham gives an “accidental” Nazi salute at the RNC.

Comparisons to Adolf Hitler are dime a dozen in the contemporary political climate. Bush is Hitler. Obama is Hitler. Angela Merkel is Hitler. These comparisons often cheapen the argument being made, have no real basis in reality (many of history’s ratbags are frightful, but not architects of genocide), and do nothing to further the discussion at hand.

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