By-elections: Labour takes Heywood and Middleton, UKIP takes Clacton.

Thanks to single-minded anti-immigration and anti-EU voters, combined with the total lack of efficacy in the three main political parties, voters in Clacton have shifted to the far-right and elected the UK’s first ever UKIP MP, Douglas Carswell.

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An appeal to the voters of Clacton.

Because Clacton Tory MP Douglas Carswell has defected to UKIP, a by-election has been triggered. Carswell is now standing as a UKIP candidate, and polling shows he has a good chance of winning. This blogpost is not just an appeal to the voters of Clacton, but to the UK generally, to reject Douglas Carswell, UKIP, and the political world-view that they subscribe to.

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Are Tory defectors good for UKIP?

Within the space of a month, two Tory MPs have defected to UKIP, triggering two by-elections and causing the Tories a headache. But is it such a good idea for UKIP to welcome them with open arms?

One of UKIP’s oft-repeated criticisms of the three main political parties is that they don’t have the interests of the people at heart, they aren’t doing enough and they aren’t listening to the people, specifically the working class. But, by accepting the defection of other party members and automatically enrolling them as the new candidates for their constituencies, UKIP has put two former Tories at the front of their national campaign.

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