In defense of punching Nazis.

Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer is punched in the face during the inauguration protests.

The first few days of the Trump Administration have realized many of our worst fears. So far, America’s Il Duce has declared a National Day of Patriotic Devotion, revoked federal funding for pro-choice NGOs, put a financial gagging order on his own departments, archived White House pages on human rights, prosecuted journalists for covering the inauguration protests, suspended visas from many Muslim-majority nations (while bombing those same nations), started a weekly publication of crimes committed by “aliens”, and threatened to invade Chicago.

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Voting for the ‘lesser evil’ won’t stop Trump.

RT_hillary_clinton_and_henry_kissinger_3_ml_160518.jpgHillary Clinton embraces Henry Kissinger at the Atlantic Council.

The 2016 Presidential election looms ever nearer. On the right, Hillary Clinton offers platitudes, false promises, and outright lies, while on the far-right, Donald Trump echoes the sentiments of fascist demagogues before him. Both candidates pledge to kill enormous amounts of people if elected. Both candidates have little to no response to the growing global crises of our age. Both candidates essentially hope to fiddle while Rome burns.

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The Nazis are back.

860x860Laura Ingraham gives an “accidental” Nazi salute at the RNC.

Comparisons to Adolf Hitler are dime a dozen in the contemporary political climate. Bush is Hitler. Obama is Hitler. Angela Merkel is Hitler. These comparisons often cheapen the argument being made, have no real basis in reality (many of history’s ratbags are frightful, but not architects of genocide), and do nothing to further the discussion at hand.

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