UKIP’s “integration agenda”: Impractical, dangerous, racist, and paedophilic.

PaulNuttallUKIPParty leader/leading berk, Paul Nuttall

In its local election manifesto, UKIP says it is bringing “a breath of fresh air” to British politics. While most of us would insist that it’s not fresh air we smell, but rather the sweaty funk of proto-fascism, UKIP is nonetheless coming into this election campaign to remind us that it’s a serious party full of serious people with serious policies, rather than the party crammed full of paedophiles, white supremacists, and animal abusers that it was two years ago.

Who knows, maybe a leopard can change its spots. Let’s see what flavour of “fresh air” party leader Paul Nuttall wants to waft across Britain, shall we?

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Thought UKIP were bad? Get a load of these parties.

Struggling to find a party that represents your views? Not into joke parties? You’re not alone. Sadly, nowadays there are voters in this country with so many opinions that they just can’t find their niche. Whose name do you tick in the ballot box if you believe black people are inferior beings? Who are you supposed to join if you think women are money-grabbing sluts? Isn’t this supposed to be a democracy?!

UKIP’s General Secretary Matthew Richard once claimed that bigots are just as deserving of representation as any other person. So here it is folks, a list of some parties that represent the more… Orthodox voter.

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The Noora Kushti of British politics – How Labour’s abandonment of socialism trashes our democracy.

Step Up to Serve launch

(The three main party leaders anxiously gaze outside as Nigel Farage is forcibly removed from the party for wearing another hideous tweed jacket)

The Labour Party recently announced that if elected, it will lower the tuition fee cap from £9,000 to £6,000. The announcement was met with derision by some university vice-chancellors, who bemoaned the proposal as a threat to top-quality education which won’t help students from poorer backgrounds get into university.

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